Friday, August 28, 2009

AHHHHH Reminder

This will probably be my shortest entry...uh ever. I'm just notifying you guys I will write tomorrow...

School begins

Another phase of life

Turning the page...

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Mr.Feature (Repeat)

Here's a video i did for one of the songs since i didn't want to put it for download since i don't know what the fuck i'm doing musically except recording. I'm actually trying to find some beats now. But tell me what you think. I'm on the third verse so be patient. The song is hot without me but i think i had a little umph in it. Tell me what you guys think. i just needed to get something out. This entry will make me feel better. AND i apologize in advance if my video's suck haha. Let's gooo!!!

Harsh Reality/Mood Ring Part 6

"Booty and Breasts are something that you can't own"
"Fuck what you heard like a dick in your ear(hole)" lmao. Trey songz is a beast. That is fact. I'd do an album with him true story but that's not what I wanted to touch on. Basically this one is about being faithful.

(Why did I mention trey songz than) for two simple reasons: his song sparked this entry and because of my arrogance that says this is my fucking blog and I can do what I want lol.

Okay soooo Trey remixed Mariah Carey's "obsessed" song and pretty much ripped the shit. Talking about how a girl fucked him and then her baby daddy calls him arguing and shit. But trey says she didn't even mention that she had a man. Which happends in a lot of situations. I understand or rather grasp the concept of cheating especially when your not married but I only kind of believe in that if people are young. Still people should tryyyyyyy to be faithful.

See this is the difference, woman expect men to cheat and are insecure BUT what woman don't understand is that men are JUST if NOT MORE sensitive than women are. Example a guy who fucks countless woman usually because he got hurt by one first.and doesn't take the chance in loving a woman. Also when a girl cheats men barely have forgiveness because it hurts soooooo much more. Well I can't say that for all situations of course. But it drives us insane, to the point that we can cry and feel helpless.

I just needed to vent for that. I thought about what if the woman I love ever cheated on me, which can/would/will be a possibility when it happends but I'm just saying.

Anyway, I'm in the theaters about to watch district 9. I'll talk to you guys soon. Still have a few more entries I need to post.

P.S. Parenthesis was an edit (the one above) and so i decided to put the song as well now that i'm on a computer :) holla!

Friday, August 21, 2009

(Re)Assertive and The Necessity of Agression

Usually I'm the guy that's always type shy
But I always been the guy that's always type fly
Not been too much into aggression
But rather into,
progression and perfection
Ironically, life's not close to perfection
Drowned into my own tears of sorrow
Everyday praying for a better tomorrow
Still I, realize my mistakes but don't change em
Still get sad, so i start blazin,
till my eyes red like our perception of satin,
Or until my eyes lower than an asian
Need to find the beast that's cage in, and release it
Change who I am and than keep it, that way
Cause being the way I am, is why I feel this way
Lost a couple potiential girlfriends cause I am this way
I need to adjust my ways,
In order to see better and brighter days
On the attack on not the defense
Cause losing everything just doesn't make sense
More aggressive and take what I know can be mine
Instead of losing it to someone else in time

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Special Recommendation!

To Hannibal King (that's his real name).

Below is his mixtape, well i should call it Album because i know he worked EXTRA HARD to make this happen. I never met him personally, at least i don't think because it's crazy how we're connected through several people. Here's the ironic story. When i started recording around the age of 15 i recorded at this kid Jay's studio (J Conway) to be exact. He started a group called 4DaGreen in College Point/Whitestone with a couple people that i knew. Formally this kid named Ism, who'se sister Jessica Cabellero went to school with me. Ism real name is John, we use to play ball all the time and on the low i kinda looked up to him. I thought we were kind of alike. Anyway, Hannibal use to be a part of the 4DaGreen group and knew the producer/egineer that would hold our sessions @ J Conway's studio. Wild. I actually bought the 4DaGreen mixtape they were selling but unfortunately due to a fall out Hannibal was not on the final product, rapping or producing. After this he just focused on producing. Now this is even crazier, he went to Towsend Harris. Where a friend of mine, Vanessa Ng, who also dated David Reyes in 8th grade went to. I talked to her about a month or two ago and found out she has been dating this guy for the past 2 years. Next thing i know i see this cover on 2dopeboyz and am like WTF. that's crazy (and good crazy). J Conway is actually on the project as well if you take a look at the track list.

Now i hit him up and facebook and long story short hopefully in the near future we will be linking up to create some dope, new, oldschool hip-hop. He seems like a real honest dude and his production is pretty hot. I personally havent YET heard the WHOLE project but so far i'm impressed. Makes me more eager. Anyway, so basically to show gratitude for him even talking to me and considering link up i'm going to promote his work. That's how i feel is the only way i can repay him and it is a nice gesture period. He doesn't know i'm doing this of course (at least not yet) which is okay because it's out of love. Just the way i did for the Weiners, who i hope are also doing better :).

So check it out, please. I will edit this entry once i write a small review on it. (why?) Because i can. Holla!

Recommendation Part 3: TV Show

I'm recommending this show because apparently a lot of people i know love it. It's another HBO program. Entourage is also on it's 6th season and you can purchase the first 5 @ retail stores lol. i sound like a commericial. i never really saw the big hoopla in it until i started watching. The show is pretty good but i don't know, it's not same as true blood. That shit is addicting while this is more fun, realistic, down to earth, regular but better people drama. The concept is dope and Mark Walberg directs it. There's a lot of famous guest appearances. Just in the sixth season 50 Cent, Bow Wow, Tom Brady, and Mark Walberg (i know i'm spelling his name wrong but forgive me for being excessively lazy) himself.

So just check it out, it might be your next favorite show. Holla!

Mood Ring Part 5: All My Life

Jay Rock "All My Life" feat. Lil Wayne and

THis is one of my favorite songs in recent memory, over the last year or so. the soulfulness to it is what grabs me. The beat thrives on story-telling so i dig it a lot. Wayne and Jay Rock murder this song, still wish i could get the instrumental but whatever. Right now this song is keeping my feelings just good along with the beautiful day outside!

in a jae millz voice "LLLEEEEGGGGOOOO!"

Sunday, August 16, 2009


I got this song in my head...if I only had a beat.


Girl, I don't wanna go back to the way it use to be
Buying sneakers and the jewlery
Just leave it in our memory
Cause I don't wanna go back
I don't wanna act like that

Girl, I don't wanna go back to the way it use to be
Pretending to live happily
With so much l-o-v-e between you and me
Cause I don't wanna go back
I don't wanna act like that

After this one,
girl leave it in the past
Cause I realize,
nice guys finish last
And although I could of gave you nearly anything and everything
I know this is the last song I'll sing,
to yoooouuuu
Cause you'll never find no one like me again
No, you'll never find The ONE again
Cause I'm gone
And although there's probably someone more suitable
It'll never be the same comfortable,
Way we did things,
I can guarantee that but

Girl, I don't wanna go back to the way it use to be
Buying sneakers and the jewlery
Just leave it in our memory
Cause I don't wanna go back
I don't wanna act like that

Girl, I don't wanna go back to the way it use to be
Pretending to live happily
With so much l-o-v-e between you and me
Cause I don't wanna go back
I don't wanna act like that


Friday, August 14, 2009

Recalculations: Countdown to school

As I attempt to take my first shower of the day I decide to blog... Hot ass fuck in a typical day in long island where I continously just lay on the couch, laugh, crack jokes, listen to "real" hip-hop music, attempt to smoke weed, get fat, and leave the house if once.
That's the setting. Oh and to add that there are only 3 fans in the house, no baby wipes, no A/C, not much food, my hunger strives are fucking out of control and confused. Tons of bugs with no bug spray.

Currently: listening to "How Fly" by Curren$y and Wiz Khalifa.

Should listen to some XV though. Anyway, I have several posts that are overdue that I can complete until I get access to a computer.

The plot thickens. I feel inspired yet dead in this point of time.

Hold on gunna take a quick shower lol...smelling like ass on top of shit n piss and dead skunk haha

Back. Not that you could know really. Just listening to some old school eminem. VINTAGE. 1996. Dope. For real. I think that's what discourages me for real. That and being with mike. Plus the fact that I was already feeling like my music is pointless is crazy. Than I know I CANT FLOW and I feel like that plus my lyrics are kinda wack. Idk. It's just wierd. Am I an oldschool soul, a new school mc, or a mold. Idk. Everything is just wierd. And I hate long island. Love my family but long island ugh! Lol.

Jam Young/Jonathan Martinez is a city boy for sure.

So I'm inspired to write but I don't want 2 write. Than no computer or porn lmao. Minus the porn part I don't care for it. There are MAD bugs.

We're about to eat a big ass meal. Pasta at ten at night not good.

But I love mike and my cousin manny is mad cool. Just kinda wish I had a shorty lol. Just comfort with. Talk to. Kiss. Try to have sex with. I say try because women are the ones who choose when sex can be done for the most part lol. Funny, demented but sooo true.
Then school is coming real soon. Ugh. Shit sucks lol. I just want to get lost. Sleep. Time. With what I want.

Whatever. Going to try feel better. Thank you everyone who reads this. Means soooo much.

Jam OUT!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Reliving: Mini-Mixtape

What's good yall!
Jjust wanted to put you guys on, i don't have an official date or anything. I wouldn't even call this a project really. i just decided instead of just releasing every track separately i'd make it into like a mini-mixtape called "Mr. Feature." Ya dig! it's me on 4 other people's songs, who left a space in their song to rap on and i have taken the opportunity to excute on it. There will be an intro explaining the project and not to take it as like "hey promote this shit." In my head i'm more like hey you guys haven't heard anything new from me since march and HEY i'm still alive and grinding hard (which my followers and people close to me KNOW) but others not too much. Here's the B.S. cover i made for it.

Might talk to Julian about doing it over or a backcover. I'm working on a backcover but if i don't make one it's whatever. I'm going to the studio real soon. So i'm just prepping ya dig!
Updates coming today/tonight/tomorrow before work.
Let me know what you think i'll either post a link for one of the songs or put it on youtube.
EDIT: Track list
1. Intro (Featuring Jam Young)
2. Watching Me Remix (with Shawn Chrystopher)
3. Keys Remix (with Trey Songz)
4. Kiss Me Thru Da Phone Remix (with Mike Posner)
5. Bruce Lee (with XV)
Fabolous 3 (with Johnny F & eZ)

most of the artist you won't know but they're pretty big on the hip-hop blog stuff. So i'm promoting them while promoting myself. :) hope yall enjoy.
First leak will be the Keys Remix, that's probably my favorite haha

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Residential Problem

Hey yall.

Twitter is back online! Wooo-hooo. Well kinda. When you go without it for a couple days it was just like whatever. Right now I'm exhausted. For real. My head feels like shit. Which is wierd. I think the more sleep I get, the shittier I feel. Lol.

I'm deciding right now if I want to go to long island for the weekend to stay with my uncle. There are a lot more positives than negatives because he just moved to long island. It's hectic. For real. But it's like I always see him in spurts so why not take advantage of this opportunity. Right?...maybe...

Anyway, if I do that I'm skipping a party in brooklyn that I kinda want to go to. Problem it's in brooklyn and I don't know if I want to ask my friend to sleep over.

I feel like crap. So I'll be back later for a part 2. Breakfast time!

Thursday, August 6, 2009


For old time's sake. ENJOY!

Recommondation Part 2: Mixtapes (XV & Quest)
Sample: Mirror's Edge (produced by 7)-XV
Losing My Mind (it was on his previous mixtape too)-Quest

Both albums are fire. This is talent. Unique Shit. I admire them and there only a few years older than me. Never will i try to be like them but i like the sound and the hunger. I would like replicate their initial struggle but through my mind and my pen. Dig it!

Recommondation Part 1: TV SHow (True Blood)

Everyday sunday. This show is blood fire. Sexy, funny, and down right gory. It's crazy. One episode i was hooked. It's about how vampires and humans live amongst eachother, like all over the United States. I'm going to let other people convince you. Soo enjoy the bottom. BUT for real just watch an episode. If you HBO in demand, go to series and the episodes from the 2nd show are there. ALSO, it has been getting amazing reviews.

Review from USA today:

The course of true love never did run smooth.

Particularly when one of the runners is dead.

Sexy, witty and unabashedly peculiar, True Blood is a blood-drenched Southern Gothic romantic parable set in a world where vampires are out and about and campaigning for equal rights. Part mystery, part fantasy, part comedy, and all wildly imaginative exaggeration, Blood proves that there's still vibrant life — or death — left in the "star-crossed lovers" paradigm. You just have to know where to stake your romantic claim.

Adapted by Six Feet Under's Alan Ball from Charlaine Harris' Southern Vampire Mystery series, Blood follows the adventures of Sookie Stackhouse, wonderfully played with an amusing mix of sass and innocence by a grown-up Anna Paquin. Sookie is cursed with the ability to read thoughts, which is one of the reasons she falls for the first man whose mind she can't read: Civil War-veteran vamp Bill Compton.

The other, obvious reason is that — thanks to Stephen Moyer — Bill is smoking hot and incredibly appealing.
FIND MORE STORIES IN: Louisiana | Six Feet Under | True Blood | Anna Paquin | Alan Ball | Charlaine Harris | Generation Kill | Sookie Stackhouse | Southern Gothic | Bill Compton | Lois Smith | Ryan Kwanten | Alexander Skarsgard | Sam Trammell

But then, so are many of the people in this remarkably well-cast show: Ryan Kwanten as Sookie's dumb brother, Rutina Wesley as her hilariously tough-talking best friend, Sam Trammell as her crush-struck boss, Nelsen Ellis as a gay short-order-cook who takes orders from no one. Throw in an endearing performance from Lois Smith as Sookie's grandmother and, coming later, Generation Kill's Alexander Skarsgard, and you have one of the best (and best-looking) ensembles of the new season.

That acting talent is tied to a story that serves old myths and new mysteries equally well and a town pulsing with eccentric life. Thanks to artificial blood, vampires are claiming their place in society, clearing up some "lies" about them (they're not afraid of crosses or garlic), while confirming some truths (sun, not so hot). There are vamps, however, who don't want to go "mainstream" and humans who don't want them to — and someone in one of those groups is killing women in Sookie's low-rent Louisiana town.

Ball is a man of many talents, but subtlety does not appear to be one of them, and viewers should keep that in mind. Many of the twists on the vampire minority metaphor are clever — a church billboard reads "God Hates Fangs" — but you do wish Ball would hammer his points home with a slightly smaller hammer. Even so, for a network that has lost its way of late in series, Blood is a much-needed infusion of new, well, blood. Drink up.


Mood Ring Part 4: Don't Stop Until You Get Enough

ESSO "Dont Stop" from stupid GENIUS on Vimeo.

The homie Esso who was just featured in the XXL magazine for upcoming artists. Pays homage and also paves his own path into stardom.

here's the link if you like the song:

Restating: Time does Fly

Time definitely does fly. It's fucking up my consistancy with blogging and twittering. Shit's crazy. Soo saturday the 1st was DV's bday. Was pretty fun. I could've went to a concert with drake, lil wayne, etc, but do to my indecisive ways and nature I failed 2 go. Didn't go to the bball game. Or my friend's video shoot but it's all good. I cleaned up mentally and physically.

Dv's bbq was pretty chill. Hung out with old brooklyn college chicks and dudes. Even people I just met by playing ball with. So it was cool. I slept over and recorded a new record for beers: 7 beers n a shot of (disgusting)hennessy. UGH. But then the next day me n dv just lounged at his house n did nothing. Ironically, it felt overdue. Just laying down, napping, relaxing. I found this unknown, unique pleasure in it BUT it makes me go crazy doing that.

Next day, monday my boy johnny f and I wrote two songs and chilled. It was cool. Then went to a house party for an old friend's birthday. Got a bit typsy. (Side note: I never ever feel drunk, maybe it's because I drink more beer than hard liquor...just a hypothesis haha). This day was cool too cause I met up with another old friend, Dayna. Mad cool. She use to watch my games back in 7th and 8th grade. Sick! The golden age of my bball skills. But I feel pretty good now just going against the grain again.

Yesterday and the day before went to L.I. Hung out with my uncle. Finished a couple tracks. Hung out with him, ricky, and felicia. But it's too sticky over there. No AC in the studio or at mike's house. I was frying. That's why I probably felt like shit yesterday. Went to the studio again finished a couple more tracks and going back 2day. This week is actually kind of slow.

Still miss west palm florida with my mom, but I can't really do much about that, right. Stomach kind of out of wack. Head feels like it's falling off. Haha.

Anyone going to post two more entries.

Also follow my new rap buddy @

Welcome johnny! Holla

Saturday, August 1, 2009


Today is august 1st mad birthdays going on. Mad shit going on. And today was suppose to be mad exciting but I feel like I lost all feelings for everything. Like it's wild. It's like I'm mad at myself and mad at a lot of things. Feel like blaming people for so much shit. Ironically I had a goodnight last night.

Just rapping and chilling. Drinking. Freestyling and listening to music. That's how shit's suppose to be. Although I like writing by myself NOW because I'm so use to it BUT still love writing with other people. It's wild crazy fun. So I feel like I achieved something without achieving shit lol.

Anyway, yesterday my friend told me to come through. I don't really talk to him anymore like that. Like he was homie, best friend, and we had been through soo much shit over the last 3 years minus this year, that it's crazy. Well in my opinion we had a big fall out, arguments, and I just have this bitterness toward him. Which isn't right. But if I was over it, I just wouldn't talk to him. Sometimes I think that's what I need to do.

Anyway, my goal is to not chill with him until his birthday unless he doesn't want me there. Which is like 3 months or so. Yea.

This shit just pushes me back mentally. I was doing so good though. Soo good.

And subconciously I'm bothered, seriously, about the shit I wrote about yesterday. Whatever. Back to the re-birth...

Think positive. Think positive. I think I can... I think I can