Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Jam Young- My Heart (Produced by Terrence Clayton)

New song...may be on "A Writer's Dream"
Also updated www.dreamchaserjam.com with new pictures and a biography
SPREAD THE WORD...this is the kind of music i can't resist making and listening to

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Jam Young & DJ Puerto Roc In The Studio

Remember the "Single" i wrote about a few months back, well here's a preview of what it will sound like. #lego

Honor Roll- Knock, Knock (Who's This)

I edited the video and it's probably my best editing job. I'm pretty proud especially since i only had windows video maker...yea (lol). Enjoy the video. When you click on the youtube video, there is an excerpt explaining how the video came about and what/who "Honor Roll" is.

Crazy Dreams

Hey yall?

Isn't it crazy the things that happen from the moment you fall asleep and wake up. It's like a si-fi story in your mind and it feels so real. Last night i had a dream i was in New Jersey or what looked like jersey (lol) with a girl i really love and a dog. We were in a bank taking out money and she went outside before i finished my transactions and as she walked out i felt something going wrong. I saw these four guys leave right behind her. Next moment i hear my dog outside barking and people screaming. I go check where they are, which is like a caged area with grass, and the men are trying to attack my dog back. No one is doing anything. I save my dog and then look for my girlfriend. She is no where to be found because there are several men now with the same outfit with different people in another outfit. I notice in the corner of my eye she's in like this pink outfit and the men are holding her up but she is barley conscious. I chase after them and try to grab her back. The adrenaline picks up. I start fighting off these guys, the cops are there but doing nothing. Somehow i get her back and put her up against the wall and then start balling. I'm crying trying to get help and do something but can't.

My dream stopped.

To you guys reading the story may not be crazy but you can all relate to having such a crazy dream and when you wake you up it feels intensly real.

Anyway, just wanted to write something.