Friday, March 18, 2011

Birthday List...

No particular order:

Californication Season 1-3
Social Network
Gangstar Albums
The Book Theif
A pair of nice earrings (when i officially turn 21 i can where them again lol)
Wiz Khalifa Album
Some money
An expensive bottle of something
Nike Underarmor
Some more money
Singing/voice lesson(s)

This may get longer later.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Mr. Dreamchaser


Download link:
Wesbite (Underconstruction):
Cover Art for the song (Done by my friend and engineer Eddie M)

We finally achieving a small piece of the dream

Just to let you guys know Mr. Dreamchaser comes from a song i did over a DJ Puerto Roc beat. It's on the mixtape :)

Jam On IT! 4 Real

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Mood Ring Drink: Special Edition (Moscato & Riesling)

These are my favorite wines. Sweet. Tasty. Between 5-12 percent alcohol. Pricing between 6- 15. Well worth it though. Moscato is dessert wine but good to sip at on any occasion. Just thought i'd educate then wine-less souls out there. :) enjoy.

Mood Ring Returns: What I've been watching

Well, hey yall.
I just wanted to point out some shows i've been tuning into that might interest you.
First, starting with Episodes. It's on showtime...first season, only 7 episodes but it is Matt Leblanc's return to TV since Joey. The first episode might not interest you but it gets funnier as you watch. The writing is really good. I think it's hilarious. The acting is pretty good but the dialouge is what really makes it funny.

2. The Cape:
I only saw the first 2 or 3 episodes. A bit over dramatic and i don't necessarily like all the actors or the dialouge but something keeps me wanting to watch. I want to find the episodes i missed to see if it continues to pull interest.

3. East Bound & Down:
If you like vulgarity and douche bags then this is your show. Kenny powers is pretty funny and outrageous. He says everything we think but don't say. The writing and script is great. 2nd season finished in september of 2010. 3rd season should be coming.

4. Mr. Sunshine:
Matthew Perry's return to TV. Obviously i'm a BIG friends fan and like to see how their carrers are post-friends. The show is funny. Not hilarious. But somewhat intersting. Perry's role is a bit different from chandler but his sarcastic lonely self is back.

5. Californication:
Saving thebest for last. Californication is amazing. Painful. Funny. PHENEMONAL writing. I really enjoy it. I'm really into it. If you like writers, hollywood, family, and drama this show is for you (basically for everyone) i can't wait to catch up on the seasons soon. :)