Friday, August 12, 2011


As the summer comes to a close, and the colleges begin re-opening their doors to the fresh high school of the only words i can think of IS "progress" or rather progression. I have a YEAR. ONE. Which really is 7-8 months if you add summer and vacation to prove something to myself. NOT only concerning school BUT with basketball, WITH music, and with my own insecurities. Including my body. Well when it comes to all that, i really only have 2 months to get the corrections needed to be done, to get done. And I'm doing a pretty solid job so far but after playing my first game (in the park), i realize i am really rusty. and now really frustrated. but with hard work this frustration may lead to excelling. and by excelling i may get confidence and with confidence my world opens up into a universe and the possibilities become limitless. So regardless of how i feel now, i must know that progress is my friend and TIME is my enemy. So i come

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Patience and Consistency

*The excerpt below was written by Shake from 2dopeboyz

"My only advice? Patience. It’s easy to get all uppity and start saying negative things about the websites, radio DJs, etc when they don’t post your stuff. But you’ve gotta understand that we all have lives of our own. And there are much more artists than bloggers, writers, DJs, etc. Much more! So timing is crucial. I honestly try to take time out to listen to new acts but most of it’s either the same recycle bin shit or it’s obvious there wasn’t much time put into the craft. Technology today makes it so easy for anyone to download an instrumental, record a rhyme using their laptop’s microphone and send an email (or thirty thousand Twitter messages) with a link. I understand the hustle and I understand the desire to be heard, but some folks have an insane false sense of entitlement. Just because you sent something doesn’t mean it NEEDS to be up on the site. When I come across dope new artists I shed light on them. And you can search the site for proof. There is a lot more to running 2dbz than most people think and it takes a load of time out of our daily schedule. So it’s physically impossible to listen to EVERYONE. It just is. That being said… keep making QUALITY music and you’re time will come. Trust."

What shake says above is a big truth in the industry, especially when trying to be put on. It helps me be more relaxed and know that there will be a time frame for me and just like i previously stated when that opportunity comes i have to grab it.

P.S. this is the video that ignited the excerpt:

Ecuador Update

Everybody in my family is sick. Aunt. sick. Mom. sick. Ashley. sick. NOW me. Sick.
Unfortunately... i threw up my life yesterday night. Not the greatest thing in the world (especially to tell) but i've been through worse. I had the biggest headache but now that it's remotely gone i feel much better. I just got a lot on my mind about the up coming weeks, which will change my life drastically. A lot to fit in. A lot to do. The anxiety always stirs up around this time but it's intensified. I've tried to ignore it for most of the summer BUT it's creeping up on me and there's nothing i can do about it. I gotta make sure my schedule is right to fit in everything. Friends and enemies for me will be put on hold or elimanted. Just something i got to do in order to graduate from college and finish off my (first love) basketball career. There's only one shot... a very small window and if i don't cease it, i don't know if my heart will ever let me live it down. So it's time.

Sorry if my tangent/thoughts don't make sense BUT i just needed to release this and come to grips with reality in order to move forward. Right now i'm not where i want to be but once i know where i want to be...i have to figure out how to get there. And i know i don't mention GOD very often, if at all, but for once i'd like his help...

i'll leave it like that