Thursday, January 24, 2013

Jam Young "Child Of The Blues" Video Shoot

Just wanted to show yall some exclusive pictures from the video shoot with Ari Hotep. I'm still debating whether I'm putting the song on "A Writer's Dream" or "A Reason II Believe Again." One or the other will be my debut mixtape. Hope you like the flicks. Leave a comment and show love.

Journey at Ilili

Welcome to the Journey at ilili! Since people are constantly asking me where I work and what I do, I decided it's time to show them and show my restaurant some amour (love in french). Ilili, along with several other lebanese restaurants, are giving free one ounce pours of wine to diners the next four weeks. People will try both white and red, depending on the week. Also, since it's restaurant week (month) from monday through friday anyone can come to ilili for lunch (25 a person) or dinner (38 a person) and enjoy some lebanese american cuisine. I fully reccomend this because the food is delicious and the service is excellent. If you want to check the webiste go here: And if you don't believe me about the service and food go onto yelp or open table and you will see most reviews are around a four or higher.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Jam Young and Ari Hotep @ Hard Rock Cafe (Memphis, TN)

This is my first blog entry this year and in quite a few months. The pictures above are from Friday night: January 18, 2013. Ari and I are performing "Stevie Wonder" from his album. The entry below this is his first single of the album "Grit, Grind," which really is an embodiment of Memphis life and the grizzles anthem. I just want to thank everyone who showed me love and especially Ari for always keeping on me and allowing me to perform with him at such an amazing event. This was the biggest performance of my career. I had my girlfriend and her family in attendance and it was a bit of a triumph because she was there for my first EVER performance and now she was there for my biggest as well. I hope the next time I go to Memphis I can replicate this greatness with Ari, Steve Fox, other artists, and/or solo as well even if it's on a smaller stage. Every performance I realize is important and I need to give my all whether it's one fan or 200 like Friday night. I will forever be grateful and I hope this is just the beginning of great things to come.

Ari Hotep- Grit Grind ft. Blak Hart & Rudy Randolph (HY Yella + John Coffee)

Purchase the single for only ONE dollar here: Listen here: