Saturday, April 9, 2011

New Jam Young Music
"Rock The Crowd" Shot March 24, 2011 after my first performance in 2 years.

"Man of God" My Submission for a magnum contest that ends in a week

And check out my first video ever on a blog (first one to ever post me)

Some new things:
I made money off of my website
I signed up to Reverbnation without knowing. I will vamp it up also when i get my facebook page going.
I will be performing at Yippes Open Mic on Thursday for the next 3 weeks.
3 songs will be released in the next 3 weeks, if not more.
I had an excellent birthday party at Mcfaddens in the city.
I didn't get a lot for my birthdaybut i did get somegood stuff.
Look out for more entries.