Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Question

hey yall,

I know i haven't written an actual entry in a while but i just had something on my mind. I just dropped a new song and video (below) and i must admit it definitely IS, the best one yet. And i'm promoting it like crazy because i have the confidence that this song will impress somebody. But my question is about what about the people it doesn't impress? They're not the haters, who dislike without reason, they are the people who aren't convinced WITH reasons. I sent it to a couple of people who are in a good position musically and they gave me some advice, which i will definitely note when i write new songs. But i just wonder does every new artist worry about this? Do the rappers who are known on blogs, feel this way? Or have they become numb to dislike and continue to do what they're like.

The next and probably last song, i will release before the mixtape is "Dreamchaser" what i would like to think is the official single. I like the song but not sure how much, therefore it makes me question how everyone else will feel when it drops. I've re-recorded it a couple times and have one more re-do to do because i want it to be perfect. I plan on puttig it on itunes and want some OD OFFICIAL ARTWORK as well as an amazing video which might amp what the song lacks, if anything. Lyrically and flow wise it's pretty good, i must say. Roc's production is mellow but smooth. And everyone who has heard it so far says it's dope so maybe it's just me. of course, i want everyone to like it and catch on but it's definitely not easy. I'm sending my songs to blogs all over the place and only a few have posted it and maybe they are the only ones that have read it. WHO KNOWS.

I just can't give up and be persistant and FOCUSED. I can't let my insecurity, which has a been a big problem in the success of my life, get in the way. So now that i got this off my chest...i'm off to chase my dream

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Jam Young- My Heart [Official Music Video]

What's good yall? I'm reporting live from Ecuador and wanted to drop in to let all my followers know i just dropped a new video a few days ago. All the visuals you see were shot in Astoria and L.I.C. Queens with a really professional camera. A friend of mine, Michelle, from Brooklyn College shot it, edited it, and helped me get a step closer to my dream so toast to that women. Shout out to POPPEN ENT., The Council, and Ed with the only real cameo. Hope yall enjoy.

Also, look at for more music, interviews, and videos PLUS of course my debut mixtape "A Writer's Dream" plus i will be posting some new music from fellow emcees.