Saturday, September 18, 2010

FALL of Love

I don't know why I wrote that title. I tried to be clever. Lol. But what's good yall? I hope you guys missed me. Cause I missed yall. I thought about blogging a lot. Felt guilty for not. But anyway, what is up with you guys? Is school and life going well? I would hope so. My life is not bad at all. Can't complain except for the 6 hours of sleep I'm on. Ugh.

This week was an interesting week but basketball wise, my confidence and skill kinda dipped but I'm NOT phased. I will get back on the grind this week. Have no choice. I never really felt so focused before. But it's not just basketball, my rhymes (at least I feel) are iffy too. It will all come back in place though.

Anyway, MONDAY was the greatest concert of my life lol. I saw my favorite rapper ever! Eminem. The greatest. I have been feeling detached from him but he'll always be THE REASON I started to love rap music. It was real cool. Chill. Had a few beers. Got a t-shirt. A bunch of people performed too. So glad kanye came and ripped the stage. Otherwise I might of fell asleep through jay-z's performance (what? Is he serious). I know that sounds crazy BUT I've seen Jay-Z 5 times in concert. So don't judge me. I love him BUT he did have to go AFTER eminem. Ya know?

Okay so before I continue with my festivies. I wanna talk about where I AM going CURRENTLY. A funeral home. A wake. Yikes. 2nd one ever in my life. This is while my grandfather is dealing with mortality issues and my aunt is sick. But let's not dwell on negativity. I am glad I can support shea, regardless of his dick headish ways at times. That's my boy. He helped make brooklyn college a good experience. So I wish him the best. So before I continue
R.I.P Mrs. Shea.

I can't really imagine losing my mother so I know it's probably beyond difficult for him but keep your head up boy.
Next order of business, last night. Went to a bar with a couple girls and danny. My boy. It was interesting, seeing a mesh of my worlds. Danny and the girls are from two different sides of spectrums in terms of my life and who they are BUT it turned out pretty well. NO COMPLAINTS. Played some flip cup, was 2-0 in Beer Pong, and took 2 shots. :) Solid!

Next, music! No new music yet. Haven't been to a studio in a while but I have some nice opportunities still lined up. It should be good. Freezy ent. Is lined up. Hopefully that'll be a good look. But I'm excited. Writing some good deep stuff. Got my uncle's dj trying to help me.

School has been alright too. Not really too fond of most of my classes but I'm kinda glad to be back. Trying to do real good. 2.0 baby. And I'm doing cross country again. First race did pretty good. I gotta step it up. I wanna get under 35mins for 5 miles and keep improving. Gotta do it. Well I gotta go but will keep you guys updated still. Love yall.

Jam on it!