Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Where ever the wind takes me...

EDIT: Fucking pissed
I just wrote a fucking long ass blog entry that was deleted. HOLY SHIT. I'm mad right now. FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKk

First and foremost i love the fucking title of this (most likely) last entry of 2008! I'm kind of nervous and excited and shit to the point i may just pee in my pants. LOL. I'm telling the truth though, for real with all sincerity (if that's how you spell it). Frankly, i don't care. I just never been excited, felt good, and felt lonely at the same time. I'm good though. I'm chillen. NO MATTER WHAT I do tonight whether im alone in a house by myself, with my crazy parents, even crazier grandparents, or with some friends drinking i know 2009, is the year of everything. IT'S MY YEAR!! DEAD ASS Yo. I'll write the whole list but first i must use this quote: (i'm getting obessessed with quoting now

"Life's a bitch. Therefore it sucks because Bitches suck dick."
"Life's a bitch. Therefore, Life is a man's bestfriend." (for those who didn't get it a dog is a man's bestfriend and a bitch is a female dog) (people saying "ohhh! or Oh shit, that's ill)
Okay i'm going to post like 5/6 videos, idk how many because i am just freestyling what i originally wrote. I'm soo mad that i don't even want to fucking post anything but i have to. 4 hours until new year and i'm fucking stuck here right now. FUCK!
The first sone i'm putting up is Charles Hamilton "I'll Be There" It's fucking ill. Here's a couple lines that i thought were TOUGH! Listen to it though.
"Only thing i loved more than you was my music, but bitch you was my music"
"Your like a dream come true, music is a dream come true, i got dreams of music want to see my dreams come true, but everynight when i dreamgirl, i dream of you, anytime i say dreamgirl, i think of you" WOW! Some shit i would write.

Next is a video/song. It's Jay Rock Ft. Lil Wayne called "All My Life" real people will feel this.

Next is a song YOU ALL HAVE HEARD. I HATE THE VIDEO but the song is still really good. All i can say is that I still have my love lockdown, whatever that means.

Now i have to add, that BROOKLYN GOES HARD BABY. I'm a fucking college ball player and last night i wipped some ass. Haters and people may say i'm not REAL. But i've felt like the underdog MY WHOLE LIFE. SO I PLAY COLLEGE BALL! And even if this is the only year i play that's one more than about one fourth of million of you!

Brooklyn we go hard! Harlem we go hard! Queens We Go HARD! JAM GOES HARD. In 09 i'm going hard, In 09 I'm going hard!! Expect a remix man. I got to. Sorry Jigga.

Oh and We GO EVEN HARDER!!!!

Okay, now that we're done with that. Let's go on to the new year RECAP and my Resolution.

My 2009 Resoultion is (drum roll PLEASE)........

I really don't know. I don't think i've ever done a new years resolution but if i have to have one. It's to be happy. Continue how i feel and how i felt. My swagg and my confidence is fucking through the roof and nearly touching the pearly gates. For those who don't know, i'll admit it. I have low selfesteem. YES, Jonathan Martinez has a low self esteem and is not always sure of himself. I'm human. RIGHT? i have built this reputation and well i don't mind keeping it up because i wouldn't be where i am without it. YA DIG!? Anyway, yea so i just want to "Live Life" (hate that phrase) because "It is what it is" (i hate this phrase too). EVERYBODY uses that phrase. ANYWAY ON TO THE RECAP.

I hope people agree with this next statement BUT The Phrase of 2008 is:

"We're in a recession"

Lol, yea it really is for those who think that i am incorrect.
Ask yourself this, why haven't you been partying as much? how come you work less? Why are you spending lots of time at home? why are you sober? Smoking less cigarettes? Having less money in bank? because folks "we're in a recession"

"Dude, why did you only leave a couple dollars for tip?"

Response" We're in a recession."

"Want to go to the movies?"


Response: "We're in a recession."

"Did you just pick up pennies from the floor" (god would love to make a jewish joke, lol, JUST KIDDING)

"Son, We're in a recession."

OKAY MY LIST OF 2008..... THe GOoD & THe BaD

(no particular order)
Winning an award from PSAL (avg. over 12 assists per game in HS, my senior year)
Had a really good game against Towsend Harris (18 points, career HS high)
Played really well at the City Games @ John Jay -Where i officially agreed to play for Brooklyn College
Got an opportunity to play basketball, make a college team.
Got laid on my birthday.
The Day after i graduated was fucking ill, my last really really really amazing day.
Went to Bennihanas for the first time.
Became MORE independent.
Survived First Semester of College.
Won mad awards (academic/sports) Basketball MVP
Started my Studio.
Wrote tons of good music.
Got published Freshman year in my english department.
I voted for the first time.
Obama WON!
Went to several concerts.
Took Mike to his first concert.
Sometime in the summer or i don't remember when but i know i made love while i was kind of with a girl. Pretty dope.
Earned a lot of money by myself.
Still living.
Quit Mcds.
Got hired by Starbucks.
Learned if my parent's aren't there other parents still care. (Popper, Pernick, The Starks!)
That's all i can remember off the top of my dome.
Graduated highschool with a poem i performed.
Mass Media Class.
English Class.

The okay and bad.
Prom was a little wierd.
Graduation a little wierd.
The day before i graduated.
Feeling/being homeless.
Break ups.
Not Recording much material.
Senior Trip again a little wierd.
Grandparents leaving (although not sure it was this year).
Tons of fights.
Loss of Friends.
Messed up in school.
Jay-Z nor Eminem dropped an album.
Spent about a thousand dollars and don't know where it went??
Didn't perform.
Crazy birthday presents (bad).
18th birthday.
Ending with a drought.

Well that's the jist of it. I MAY add more but idk if it will be before the new year.

What I'm looking foward to is....

Dropping 1-4 mixtapes for FREE. Performing at least twice. Being single. Being happy. Basketball. Working out. Trying things i probably will never do again in my life. Being nineteen.
BEING NINETEEN. THAT'S THE LAST TIME I WILL BE A TEEEEEEEENNNNN, SO I HAVE TO ENJOY MY LIFE AT LEAST UNTIL 20! LMAO. For real i'm fucking hyped again, now that i'm almost done. I might not do anything tonight but it should be a banger. ANYBODY whose online at the time, hit me up here. SOBER, NOT SOBER, Doesn't matter baby. Start the new year with a BANG, BANG, BABY. Shout out to everyone man. I appreciate everything. Even if it seems like i don't. i know i don't have a best friend or whatever but i know i can kind of count on certain people for certain things so YEA.

Yesterday, was crazy by the way. New experiences for real. I bonded like i haven't in a while. YEA BOY. 3 hrs and change. 3 months and change until my B-DAY Too. YEA BOY!
Last, i know i already posted MAD VIDEOS but i have to add this last one in. FEEL ME?

This is dedicated to someone, the song i mean. The concept. I lost one and well the person lost one.
"I hope that they last with their significant other, cause otherwise, i won't bother"

R.I.P. Our friendship, lol. That's a little dramatic but i doubt we will talk for a WHILE. It's alright 09 BABY!!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Really Cool like...

Hey, i feel like i've been neglecting myself, my readers, and the blogging. I've wanted to SO BAD. lol. Anyway, I just wanted to start of with these couple quotes...

" Rap is something you do, hip hop is something you love." - KRS-One

"It may not mean nothing to yall, but understand nothing was done for me, so i don't feel like stopping at all, I want this shit forever man" -Drake

"I don't make music, music makes me, so you can hate me, because music appreciates me." -Charles Hamilton

"The realist shit in rap comes from my voicebox"-Jay-Z

"How selfish of me? No! how selfish of you, leaving me crying and thinking of you"- Jam Young

I thought it would be really cool to add these quotes. I feel like a lot of them are really meaningful especially in my life so, yea just thought they were interesting.
NEXT, I want to BEYONCE and Jennifer Anniston are my girls. TWO OF MY ALL TIME FAVORITE. Too bad Beyonce married to one of my idols =(. But i know he's holding it down so no worry and Anniston, in a couple years when i'm famous or at least a little more popular it could be a possibilty. I'll make a movie with her. Write a song about her. I'm already writing the concept to it. HA. It's true. Need some popularity points. Oh and self esteem points are threw the roof right now, yea i know i'm cool. =). So on that note i'm going to put beyonce's new video IF ANYONE can get me the instrumental, i'll do my own version to it. I feel like remixing songs since i'm starting to give away some, just for fun. I CANT SING but THAT WON'T STOP ME!!!!!
Wanted to throw that in there. Two other things im working on are remixing Will Smith's " Just the two of us" and after i write it i know it will be top 5 in my most PERSONAL songs ever. I'm not going to lie when it comes to me and my father's relationship, i get choked up everytime, EVERYTIME. I just want it to be good one day like really good and be an AWESOME father too. I just want to live my life. Ya dig. I'll get that to everyone who cares and wants to cry with me ASAP.
SECOND- I decided i'm going to try something different. I'm using an old title i came up with that my friend DAVID & Carrie said i should use
It's going to be superhero music. Superhero themed. ALL as if i was a superhero, mainly SPIDERMAN. He's my favorite and my dad's favorite. It should be really cool when i start working on it, i don't know how the cover is going to look like or anything but i got A LOT of concepts. I also wanted to be a superhero because i like saving and inspiring people so if i can pull this off (although its a little crazy and strange but anything NEW is crazy and strange) it should be fucking HOOTTT.

About to leave and shit maybe go to applebees. My friend Marc inviting me ice skating if he goes. Whatever. I'm loving this post-first semester LIFE. It rocks man!!!!

Quick Question: i want to make a fanbased ONLY email where people can email me so if anybody has any cool ideas for an email, post it in the comments. =)

Yea fellas PRETTY ILL. Oh i'm going to write MAD SHIT later today or tomorrow. I'm going to RECAP 08 and shit. it's crazy. We're going to be in 09. SO expect MAD reading and of course questions!!


Sunday, December 28, 2008


Anybody looking foward to the new year?
Anybody excited? What are you guys anticipating?
What would you like to forget about 08?
What will you remember from 08?

Write more later... (I love blogging, haven't even brushed my teeth yet. Ha ha)

Vivid Imagery

Before I Sleep Wanted to Post a Few Rhymes;
"How can we be in love, and we don't even make love
we were suppose to be like a pair of doves
always each other we were thinking of,
and when we hug it's still a comfortable, wonderful feel

but that feeling on the outside ain't really real
cause we weren't meant to be, be, be -
that's why we slowly move on it was special and lucky, y,y,y -
that we try to prolong the push of gravity, pulling us down,
in 2 years, i accomplished to make your frown,
flip, keep you warm with my finger tips
and make you love that dick, to the point of butterflies
thought i could see you in my future, without a third eye
things we sacrificed, seem irrelevant cause all I've witnessed is detriment,
in the last half year, pain penetrating, i know, our words degrading,
you tell me how much you hate me, keep telling myself face it
the chances are even worse than before, tryna make it,
never should have seen you naked,
never should have taken your phone and put my number,
cause then i would have prevented the coldest summer,
so now sometimes i wonder...."

"I’m the hottest rapper you’ll ever see in your life

but I can cool things down, if I give you this ice
necklace, bracelet, anklet, face it
ain’t no other man compare to me
do a comparison, ain’t nobody close to me
that don’t mean you can’t roll with me
just mean, drop all the other prospects
cause I’ll take you out the projects
so all you see is clouds, on our private jet
where we can have private sex, or out in public
it’s hammer time, baby you can’t touch this
love’s in the air, baby you can’t rush it
Reggie bush on your tush, and all you got to say is Push,
Push, Push it, and I’m a do it like you never did it before"

"The Dark Knight Has Arrived,And He’s Dressed So Supa Fly

Try To Touch Me, Youngin Gon Get Crucified
I’m Trying To “Wind” This City Cause It’s Do or Die
So F a Slice, I’m taking the whole Pie
St-St-St-St-Studard, Did I, Nah, Never Hear Me Do That
Rip A Show, Smoke Some Dro, Might See Me Do That
Camouflaged on The Scene, Homies Like Who That
I’m the illest at 18, coming up, you knew that, true that
Fuck talking gangsta, where the truth at,
it’s underneath my Tampa Bay blue cap,
if not then it’s written in my raps,
on my backalong with a map, on The Road to Riches
There’s blowing mad doe and beating up snitches
but not the same way, we beating up bitches
If you soo tough, then why you flinching?"

"While I look for inspiration, I try to inspire

my dedication is desire, my motivation breeds fire
I guess I’m that piff, let me take you higher
the torch I carry burns through the wires
in the teeth of the liars, in the valley of death,
where I can hear satin’s choir, my heart is the drive,
let me be your tires when your tired,
if it wasn’t for the rap pioneers
I wouldn’t be here for you to admire
first step is mainstream, next is the messiah
Your first impression, should be my attire
cause what I where compared to jet planes is much flyer
call me your addiction, cause I am that dire,need,
like a pot head’s weed
I get more head than a black girl’s weave
can you imagine, cause I came from a seed
Sergeant Jam, I came here to lead"

What Yall Think HONESTLY? I just gave you guys some nice free shit. i don' consider this MY BEST work but it's pretty good. I put it on cause i doubt i'll use this for anything. i write so many rhymes 90 percent of them go to waste even the good ones.

May hook up Wii tomorrow? Anybody want to play with a single, crazy, rapper? lol


P.S. What do yall think of this Buzzer Beater? (F.Y.I it's basketball) =)

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Blogging is ADDICTING!

I'm not going to LIE. I check this blog, everyday, even if i don't write in it. It's just addicting. It's like ANOTHER outlet for me and that's really cool. ALSO, PEOPLE, like real life people, HUMANS, (okay, i know i'm but people read this. Whether they are sick in bed, working, or just bored at home ONLINE. So that makes me SMILE. Anyway, I just wanted to write a bit (from school). Practice today went really good. Either i'm getting better or the rest of the team is just slacking? Maybe a little bit of both???? Idk, hopefully it's just me =).
Just wanted to throw that in there. Today is going to be busy. I got therapy (mandatory, I'm not that crazy, lol), work, and i still have to write some paper. Grrr.
Oh shout out to the people whose birthday it has been the last couple of days, i messaged you guys but i thought it be cool or rather COOLER to tell you guys in my blog. YEA!!!!!
Last, i'm anticipating this next week coming up, it should be fun as hell. I'm making money, socializing a little more, spending money, not being so sad, practicing better and making GREAT fucking music.
I can't wait for you guys to hear some new stuff. Real deep stuff. People who have heard the stuff on my myspace (, well that's only a little taste. I got stuff deeper than Never Change. You guys are going to hear my scars, me bragging, me brining that lyrical fire, making some heartbreak music, making some great ass love songs, some club songs to shake your hiny too. It's going to be fantastic. There are three projects im currently working on. The first one will probably either be VOICE BOX or FREE MUSIC. Around ten songs, for FREE. Free Download. Then directly into your ipods and heads.
"I'm like molester the way i get into kid's heads"
Yea, self explanatory? I hope. ANYWAY, i really REALLY REALLY like my last blog (Christmas One) so check it out. Until later folkes =)

P.S. Really nervous about grades, I'm praying to god as we speak =)

Friday, December 26, 2008

The Day After Christ(Jam)mas Entry (Don't You Just Love The Title?)

Alright, so i'm going to make this another quick brief entry since i'm suppose to be "working" right now, like writing a paper and what not, FUCK IT. That's how i feel about everything. I hope it's not just me. ANYWAY, i hope everyone had a good christmas eventhough, like i said previously, shit was kind of odd. PEOPLE WE ARE GROWING UP. Anybody with siblings will know what the fuck i mean. WE DON'T GET SHIT for christmas anymore. WE are grown. And if you do get gifts or TONS of money (hundred dollars or more) cherish that shit and for once, YES FOR ONCE, i'll envy you guys for a quick second. So if anybody is reading this, i just want to know how your christmas went. Let me know it went at least better than good, ya know? What presents did you get? I'll tell you what i got, in order of what i like. LAST, being the greatest of course.
1) White Lifeguard Sweater from Steve & Barry's.
2)Pjs from my dad
3)Slippers (really comfy though, and now my grandma CANT complain)
4)Belt (plain black belt, which i will try to engrave JAM on)
5)Old Navy Sweater/shirt (brown, orange, yellow, white, = my reaction ????)
6) $50 GIFT CARD (that will be devoured if i get one of the things i really want)
7) A Wii =), all i can say is WOW. My mom may not have always been there to support me mentally, BUT at least she was there AND she always tried hard. EVEN NOW, when she's broke SHE STILL manages to get me a really good gift. Props to MOM =).
8) I'm suppose to be getting a Keyboard/microphone/drum pad. For my "secret" place. Posters and everything will be hung up on the walls and shit. It's going to feel great. I DON'T THINK I HAVE EVER ANTICIPATED something like this before.

MUSIC = Me Happy! Crazzzzyyyy.

Anyway, i think that's all i have to say. Basketball practice today was good. Scored more than usual. Got a couple more assists than usual. ONLY ONE TURNOVER. And a nice spin move, bop, pass to the corner to my man DC for the 3. (Haters will respond). LMAO.

Also i want to do a little shout out to the people who commented. PROPS!

Happy Holidays Yall.

P.S. Also the four people showing love who downloaded my freestyle, You deserve a shout out too.



I forgot to Mention Bruce's gift, Jordan Basketball shorts. That present was really good too. That would be #6. Later!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry (almost) Christmas...

Hey, just quickly wanted to wish everybody a merry christmas. I also hope people are getting gifts they like and that they're not spending this day and tomorrow alone. WORD UP. Christmas is a special time man. Enjoy it. I feel wierd about christmas and family because it's been a rough year but it's definitely something i wouldn't give up. I would only add to my christmas, never subtract. The rest of this year is going to be good because next year is going to be back. Hip-Hop & Love are coming back. Next year, is going to be great. Anybody who disagrees needs to really rethink that thought. Feel me. I'll write more later to tomorrow. STAY UP, WORLD. I got my head up.

Song of the day: Never Change by Jam Young

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Before I ZZZzzzz....

Interesting day... Relief of finals. Doomed by finals. And still 2 papers to write. One mandatory. one for the JUST IN CASE. lol. I hope people check out the last two blogs i wrote and RESPOND. I think it's a good convo to bring up. Last three things i will mention. I'm going to post a little ignorant off the dome freestyle JUST BECAUSE. THe other two things is... Fuck i don't remember. That's strange. Anyway, Happy Christmas Eve yall and when i remember i'll put an EDIT.

I'm your worst nightmare
and your girl's favorite wet dream
test me and you will fail, like the SATs
I write essays be, and i'm clutch in the CRUNCH like Nestle
Sick as the worst disease you can think of
and i spit quicker than when you blink, duh
cause the kid was born with a gift, born to spit
and i ain't even allowed to drink, just yet
still i'm a vet, that's why i get my own day
veterans day, homey, can't comprehend the word play
and if your chick want to come over, then i'll watch the birds play
like an Orioles fan, i got your chick swallowing my creme like an oreo man
god damn, jam, why you got to do them like that
probably cause when i was younger yall said i couldn't rap
yall said i was wack well now i take that as a compliment
cause crack is wack so that means i should be confident
ha, yall fuckers deserve to be left in the dust
and i never cuff, on ya bitch unless we role play
and if i miss her face once with my semen,
then i get her the second time like o.j,
concentrate, like o.j, i owe u nothing, u owe me
for blessing your life, when i write,
off the dome like lice, or when i'm on the mic
so i'll leave yall with this,
next time you say i ain't shit
take the dick up off your lip, ya dig?

Sorry if that was vulgar but FUCK IT, you be the judge
NIGHT... Early ass practice

Something Interesting..

Okay, so for this quick edition of my blog, since i'm trying to get poeple interested i have a few quick questions. First, doesn't Jennifer Anniston aka Rachel, aka my future girlfriend =), well maybe, look gorgeous in this picture? Do you think her image is sinking with this picture? Apparently she posed naked for the magazine, so i thought it would be an interesting topic? guys, girls, YOU decide!

And my second question is Lloyd Banks nice? Check out this new track from an upcoming mixtape. This is THE NEW BANKS because he fell off after his first album. Going to basketball practice yall... LATER

This is the link:

Monday, December 22, 2008

Bed Time (I know it's early)

(Yawn) yes it feels good to get some friggen sleep but im still a little worried about the final. Regardless, im sure ill do alright but i still have to be a little anxious. ANYWAY, anyone reading this, i may have a few more readers, check out the blog before this one because this one will be short. I just wanted to paste a couple videos for you guys to check out and i'm going to paste my away from yesterday which i wrote in 5 minutes but it's a hella good one. Below, the first video is a funny ass video my mass media teacher showed us, it's about the guy who tried to sell Obama's seat, just CHECK IT OUT.

2nd I'm posting a video by one of my new favorite rappers Charles Hamilton. It's his song Brooklyn Girls. It's ILL. Trust Me!

And the THIRD of course is my own video, just in case anyone hasn't seen it. YEA!

Long Weekend

Sorry yall, i mean everybody who has been following the blog, which is nobody. I guess im posting this for the future heads of my blog. I'm at school, just took a final i hope i do moderately well on. Finals man... Shit is luck walking on newly pissed on snow and then tripping on dog poop. Yea. Well maybe im exaggerating. People have been stressing. I have not. Maybe i just don't care that much about school. I just want the semester to be over, FOR REAL. It's been a fucking rough ride. Next semester ill be prepared. Other than that the next month or so is just about MUSIC, BASKETBALL, AND Blogging. Hey yea, talking to you, and you, and whoever else cares. God i entertain myself sometimes. (sigh)
Anywho, shit is rough man. One more day and i should be alright. I fucking hate writing all these papers though.

it just me or is the holidays are happy/depressing time. I don't know about yall but i need somebody there during the holidays. Family would be ideal along with idk, maybe a girlfriend, maybe a girl with reasonable morals, conversation, looks, who digs me. Is that too much to ask for? Some hot chocolate, a wonderful girl, bed full of mistletoe, movie, television, and a couple presents i can actually use. Beginning with my own room. Yea that would be nice but christmas is just christmas, right? and as the saying goes it is what it is. You know what sucks though, not having what you want, which im sure EVERYBODY would agree. I don't know maybe i'm overreacting maybe im not. Regardless this shit is not fun and raise your hands if you haven't done any christmas shopping? (one hand goes up) Oh so just me, i hope not. For any nice fucker who has the curtousy to read this shit, just follow it, it's not that diffucult. We get to have a nice convo and shit. I'll fix the page up by wenesday night promise. Let me just finish my final and my last couple of papers and we are straighter than male on woman intercourse. Feel me?
Pardon my sexual references. It's just cause since it's my blog, i can do what the fuck i feel.

Quick Question?

Is it ideal to have a friend, girlfriend, and someone you look up to all at once?
If it is tell me why? And what if you did have all 3 but not the greatest aspects of each? Hmm, good question? Right? Well my parents or so called parent's once said something like that. My stepmom said that she admires and looks up to my dad. HE INSPIRES HER. And he claimedthe samething. I guess that's what a soulmate is? all three, and much more? if anybody feels this way let me know. THIS IS NOT A LOW BLOW to anybody reading this, it's just a question. So please don't say im being negative or blowing up your spot cause i'm not. BLOGGING is just another way for me to talk to people.


Jim Carey is fucking back people. I thought his new movie was pretty hilarious. I would recommned it. If i didn't i would have posted this, duh!

Anybody down for seven pounds, or a round of liquor?

If anybody, future readers, wants to join me please RESPOND.


I'm going to be posting more shit and rhymes i either just come up with or poetry or shit i won't really use. That's cool i fucking know. I want people's opinions. Ye said No matter what way you feel about me, "at least you feel something"

Free download link available for my new freestyle Hip Hip Ambitionz, it's on a remix of 50 cent's Hustlaz Ambition.

Lata, Jam (3:56 Pm)

Friday, December 19, 2008

First Entry aka The Beginning

This is the official start of MY, Jam Young, Jonathan Martinez, blog site and well, i'll just start off telling a little about myself (reminds me of the first day of hs). I'm not going to mention my age just yet because that's the great thing about the internet, anyone can be anyone but i'm not into impersonating soo... yea... I'm just trying to be me, and the best possible me.

Anyway, I'm a writer, a "hip-hop" artist, a college basketball player, and currently a little bored. I am a big procrastinator, how ever the hell you dictionary people spell it, and believe me it's not good to be one in college. Anyway, i love watching movies and going to the movies. I can't be in a house all day or i will literally go off the wall. Nature is my sanity sometimes (that was a little poetic) =). And fuck it that's all i'll write for now about myself.

Last, It's fucking snowing outside, which i personally think is ill. Snow in New York is what makes Christmas time, Christmas.

Later ( written at 4:50 Pm)