Thursday, February 26, 2009

Turning into the MAN

A yo. Wassup Yall. 
I'm sorry to hear that my blog comment box crap is O.D. slow and messing up but if anything hit the shout box on the left.
(<-------------------------------) See it yet?

Anyway, just to inform my bloggers that i don't know. Starbucks terminated a future star. =/.
"Laid off" I mean but they still owe me like hundreds of dollars so I'm NOT MAD. holla!
Now i work at Gamestop with an anonymous Dominican writer who i might live with... No names. 
Soooo.... Basically i got to catch up in school as always but fuck it. I'm really just toooooo into MUSIC & Basketball. My bitches 4 Life, just like Life. =)

Basically last night we beat York College (CUNY) and are now going to the championship against the other school i was going to go to....(drum roll)
BARUCH. The undefeated team in CUNY and the team that basically beat us because of a bad call with .3 seconds left on the clock. DO I SMELL REDEMPTION
HELLL YEAA!!! When i say Jam, yall say Young, JAM! (YOUNG!)

I'm a little high on life and shit. I should've had three banners and a ring from RFK but you know what, God & Life have giving me an opportunity to play for one of the best teams (D3 wise) in New York and possibly get a ring my FRESHMEN YEAR. 
IF we win, NOBODY CAN TELL ME SHIT!!! Period. 

(next topic)

Going to studio sometime this week or early next week. New joints that i will drop for FREE, 3 joints. NOT the same day though. Got to keep the fans on their seats and their mouths drooling BUT they will all be like me rapping on industry beats.
"Magic Baby" - Robin Thick's Magic
"If You Say You Will" -Kanye West's Say You Will
and the third i'm debating on. It might be on an original beat. We'll see. 

Pretty excited though. I have LESS THAN A MONTH until my birthday and like A MONTH to get this cd done, again BY MYSELF. I have resources but i'm basically doing this independently. SO when it comes PLEASE pass it along ONLY IF YOU THINK IT'S WORTHY ENOUGH. 
I actually feel comfortable with my music NOW, then i've ever before so whatever i put out whether it's just a good song or a CLASSIC, it'll be ME and it WON'T BE BAD. 


In all seriousness. YEA. Check out Pick IT UP on the myspace
~Jam Out~

Victory Road Is at It's Final Stop....


write more later... oh baby...getting back in the studio too. New joints coming soon.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I profess... There's Something I need 2 Confess....

More Performance pics (shouts to Julian & his sexy ass camera)

So yea, the whole point of the confessions cover and shit, is to basically say that i WANT to REMIX every single track, dead ass from front to back. The Purple(Project)Album is a bit different, i'm remixing all kind of jay-z songs but MOSTLY from Kingdome Come, an album people had mixed feelings about but to me, i just liked it. It's still HOVA or Jay-Z and you know his WORST work is probably BETTER than your ummm... BEST WORK. True Story. But the Confessions Project would just be STRICTLY CONFESSIONS SONGS. A lil rap/alternative/rnb style to it. You know, see what JAM YOUNG is really capable of.

So tell me if you think it's a good idea or not, i really want to know and WOULD take it into consideration. Nah mean? lol

~Jam out~
P.S. Edwina (therapist) I miss you, come on saturday PLEASE, we got tons to discuss. Shit i should write a list and a time limit. lmao. I'll be there on TIME, i promise.

A Fact You Should KNOW...

Basketball use to be my first love, before music. It's been my life. Day and Nite like Kudi. lol
Well my teams use to be the Knicks & the Nets. Then i just drifted to the Nets. Even when they were bad, like when Stephon Marbury was dropping 51 points on the lakers. lol. Yea... Then Jason Kidd came and he officially became my favorite basketball player. WE have the same birthday and he kinda looks like my dad THUS i felt like i was born to be just like him except the DIVISION 3/RFK verison. Well although he's gone he's still my favorite player but....
is giving him competition.


My second hero... =) N-E-T-S, NETS, NETS, NETS!

Monday, February 23, 2009


Not My Team or anything BUT both videos are crazy. I want the Nets D-Harris Buzzer Beater.
This girl is an alien...

D-Howard Is NOT HUMAN either...


Fuck I'm Slacking!

(Edit):CHECK OUT THE ENTRY BELOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
"If you don't know, now you know, nigga" Biggie "Juicy"

I sprained my wrist thus the blue wrist guard. =)

The i'm slacking part is the blogging. I'm sorry man. It's not that i DON'T LOVE blogging. My brain, mind, body, have all been weird the last two weeks. I think i'm trapped in a....

It's most likely official. These are the projected 3 next projects. OFFICIALLY IN THE WORKS.
March/April- Most Likely II Succeed
May/June-A Reason to Believe (again) 2.0
July/August-The Purple (Project)Album: Jamdone Come

Everybody who voted thanks, a lot. I'm hoping a few more of you will.



Now, i doubt i would ever like put my hand on a girl but if i did, i wouldn't do this.
Tell me what you guys think of the situation..

~jam out =)~

Sunday, February 22, 2009

In The Mind of an Artist

so here are my quick thoughts, the behind the scenes of Friday night.
I (tried to) mentally prepared myself for the show. I thought i would be performing 4-7 songs. Songs i really wanted the world to hear like really bad. 4 of which the "Most Likely II Succeed" project contains. Pretty ill joints. Who ever has heard some of it (David) keep it on the hush, for real. I want people to be surprised by it. Anyway, back to what i was saying. I was practicing basically all day, especially after i busted my teammates asses in practice but then an hr or so before the show i got O.D. NERVOUS. 7 songs?????
I've only performed like what 3 before back to back, especially BRAND NEW. NEVER BEEN HEARD. Shit. I froze. Ask David, he was in the car when i started spazzing. lol. Then like 2 minutes before i go on stage and start shitting myself, Mike goes you can only do TWO. Yea, i was tight. Time and organization took over and fucked what was my first performance in a year OVER. I felt like 3 large porno star dicks with in my butt. lmfao. PAUSE. ()
So i said fuck that, i'm doing 3 at least. WHICH I'M STILL WAITING ON TO SEE (cough, cough you know who you are) lmao. So i did "Pick it Up" (my semi-new single) and "My Ode" which i particularly love for some reason.

I just feel like the music i'm doing now, is officially REAL.
NO more kids shit. Don't dare compare me to Bow Wow, Soulja Boy, Young Berg.
I am a grown man, in my own right and insight. For real. And with the last song/freestyle.
I aimed to do that. I announced i was 18(dumb move i thought after) but people need to know

"I'm young and i'm black and my hats real low"-Jay-Z "99 Problems"

Holla HoV. lol yea, but i'm here and TO STAY.

"Underground or mainstream nigga take me serious"-Jam Young "Unreleased Track"

Anyway, so i sharted my pants right before i went on but it wasn't so bad.
I GOT O.D. Compliments. It's just i'm a perfectionist for the most part and i pictured it going smoother and more official. Not me not being able to breathe right. I've gotten cotton mouth before but not like ran out of breath. Whatever. If everyone says i did good i must've done something right.

Mad people were there. Family, mostly. Shout out to the 8 people that came and for the people who couldn't come but WOULD have.

Marc, you don't seize to disappoint me, we were best friends till the end, and well the end is here. I still got love for you and still would jump in to protect you but it doesn't go much deeper than that. Couldn't even get a text or a phone call saying "I'm not going and good luck" FUCK IT.

I got a little tipsy after and my uncle/brother/competitor is dropping an album on Universal Records. CONGRATS MAN. You earned it. You're becoming more of a man and so am i.
I love you to death. Just know i'm coming after you and refuse to be behind your spotlight. I'm creating my own, period. I was destined for something and i'm achieving it.

"I swear to god when i was little
I heard a voice tell me
I was born to do this music thing" -Jam Young "Shine"

Sorry this entry is all over the place just needed to say some shit. I'll post the videos ASAP. Tell me honestly what you think, seriously. I won't get better without it. JUST DON'T HATE. There's a difference between HATING and CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM.
Ya Dig?

Get with it. That's it. And oooohhhhhh 93 Downloads for "Bad News Remix" lmao.
I feel like a rockstar. DEAD ASS.

Oh so everyone in my family was surprised how good i did. They said that i have the "look" because i'm "handsome", my voice and energy. =)
(I Should be in another GALAXY RIGHT NOW). lol.

YEA. Might write more later.
Fin de entry =)

"It's all good even when it aint
dot blogspot dot com, blogspot dot com"

~Jam Out~ =)

Friday, February 20, 2009

The Day Has Arrived

Kind of a intense schedule tomorrow. Need to go to bed. Haircut. Clothes. Practice. Performance.
Since my blog people ALWAYS get exclusive rights... here you go:
Sugar Bar- 72nd & Broadway
$12 to get in (Can take 1 or 2 train up town)

Write more before everything goes on.

P.S. Long entry is almost done!!!! coming soon.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Thoughtless Entry

Me & David =) (2nd photo)

Hey yall,
VOTE,VOTE,VOTE!!! For the title

The link above is a freestyle i did. Check it out. It's good. Different to what you've heard from me. Ain't nothing like Free.

Write more later... I'm nervous about the long entry. I'm procrastinating.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Prequel Entry II The Extremely Long Entry

"Aha, I gotcha, uh...
With the same sword they knight you,
they gon' good night you with
Shit, that's only half if they like you
That ain't even the half what they might do
Don't believe me, ask Michael
See Martin, see Malcolm
See Biggie, see Pac, see success and its outcome
See Jesus, see Judas
See Caesar, see Brutus, see success is like suicide
Suicide, it's a suicideIf you succeed, prepare to be crucified
Media meddles, niggaz sue you, you settle
Every step you take, they remind you you're ghetto
So it's tough being Bobby Brown
To be Bobby then, you have to be Bobby now
And the question is, "Is to have had and lost
Better than not having at all?"Because I'm...

"Is to have had and lost better than not having at all?"

Answer that? I want to know an answer.

Oh and what sounds better "Free Music" or "Most Likely To Succeed"?
Whichever YOU guys choose will be the title for my project.

Got school tomorrow. Just got back from Yeshiva college. Playoffs start sunday. O.D.
20-5. We the best! As Khaled says. Lol.


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Big 5-0

This is my fifty-ith blog entry, which is extremely (way) cool. lol. HEY YALL. =)
Got to write this one quick because, well i'm suppose to be getting ready for practice. Anyway, i got laid off sunday so i guess i don't have to worry about quitting and never being able to work for starbucks, MAYBE in the future because the money is WAY (extremely) good. Starting at 8.75, well at least i did and it was that, and i was getting paid like what 9.65 or suppose to be. Got to call human resources or whatever. Anyway, so i guess the RECESSION finally hit me. lol. I'm upset but not like depressed like i thought i might of been. It's cool. I'm looking foward to the next stage in life. For the most part my outlook is positive.
2nd quick event my man David, d-rey, got me a job at his store at gamestop, so the boy is definitely straighter than a room full of heterosexual male and women. lol. Bad metaphor. Just overthinking.
Last two things, there was a funny ass bum on the train yesterday. He called himself the train man. he made some hilarious jokes.
AND WHY IS AGE REALLY A FACTOR IN DECISIONS????? SHOULD IT BE?? I don't know it bothers me i guess because what I have experienced and WHO i AM. Write something later. Outty!

~Jam Out~

P.S. If my music came on college radio &/or i had my own show, would anybody tune in? tell me the truth, lol. Or do i need some more PERSONALITY. ha.

Monday, February 9, 2009

New Week, New Day, It's Beautiful Outside, Yet I'm BLAH.

Hmm, What to say. Tired. Exhausted. Drained. Hating my brain. YES. all the above. It's weird how people really just make themselves worried and crazy and make their heart and mind feel a certain way. YES. That's true and that sentence structure was terrible as well. I admit it. =). Hopefully this week is not "Frustrations of the mind" week. Because honestly that would suck more than 3 girls on a man's penis. OH and please don't MIND the sexual references. 

Anyway, you know what's pretty funny... the fact that when i speak it's like poetry. It's very weird. In my opinion. But then again everything is weird to me. J.A.M=Socially Awkward. That is my theory and i'm sticking to it like fly to fly paper. Cliche? maybe. Another pointless blog entry? probably. A man trying to rediscover the meaning of life and love meanwhile trying to pursue a career in the treacherous music business that is bound to break his heart like other endeavors of life. Accurate FOR SURE. I'm done. Too scattered. 

~Jam Out~

P.S. What i couldn't put in the "One Chance part 2 first verse"
(it's a left over, hot but doesn't fit! Don't steal the trix line you bastards)
"You took a man from the slums and helped make me
but if you wanted to be the one, how could you break the,
thing we worked so hard o establish
acting childish playing trix like i'm some silly rabbit
vanish while i was just trying to give you carrots
the necessities of a real and true marriage
but your too embarrassed and scared to end up like our parents
so our situation you can't manage, after i thought you accepted the challenge,
no balance, yet i still yearn, for you, i learned, from you
that anything can happen
negative or positive, no matter the amount of your passion"

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Had To Get This Off My Chest (Doesn't really dipict how i feel though, Completely)

"Why I Do This"
People don't understand why i do this, music,
it's more than a hobby it's theraputic
fame and fortune are just a small portion
compared to inspiring, it's an uneven proportion
i compare it to drugs because i'm extorting,
exporting, exploring, exploiting, your thoughts
with no snorting, just soundwaves traveling in your mind
those are my thoughts traveling in time
scars, memories, pain, eventually, being healed
being released, tears, joy, laid out all over the beat
my dreams, my feats, my fears, and defeats
no religion, so i don't mean to preach
just teach, like they taught me,
the elders, who showed me,
that hip-hop could save lives of the children
looking for guidance, cause music is timeless
but every day i have less time,
to string up rhymes like a seamstress
Jonathan Andrew Martinez
true musical genius,
rather have a paper and pen then a penis
cause that's my purpose, although it makes me nervous
it's going to prove more than useful, when i win a grammy
since my mommy and pappy, didn't provide to well,
thus i'm sappy, high but still feeing crappy,
so laugh at me, all you will
but hip-hop is going to be in my will
cause with all my will, i will, leave it to my unborn kids
i breathe music, so music is what i live...

Jay-Z & Chris Martin

Coming February 13

"Girls Use To Call Me Sensitive But They Ain't Say That When I Came To The Crib" - Never Change, Jam Young

Hey yall, 
I shouldn't even be up right now but i really felt the need to blog. O.D. So tired though. Work at what? 10:45. Shit i'm wylin. That's how i spell it. I have no authority with grammer, i let the words flow freely, fuck it. I'm an artist in my own right. Every mistake. Everything. OH, so let's begin with the title. Everytime i visit my Aunts house (tech my house, then my grandmother's, now my aunt's) I'm always on some crazy sentimental shit. I think it's the atmosphere of home. Now it feels even more like home since i'm 40 percent done with the secret room/studio i am creating. It's my serenity. My shit. Music is my bitch. That's where we are going to live. Anyway, even more than usual i'm on some extra soft stuff because ALL my stuff is officially here now. Game systems, notes, memories from when i was like idk, 8 to graduating high school. I found myself in the RFK Record that my sister brought home (shouts to everyone else on the cover:Rubino, Juelz, Farah, Stephen, Eric, Asia) (hope i'm not forgetting anyone) and i don't know. Everything is just straight WILD.

Do you kow how much the brain just stores away in some secret comparment. SHIT. I found rhymes i wrote when i was like what 11? Talking about disfunctional family and shit. It's crazy. To see my mindset such a long time ago is just crazy. I'll post it one day, fuck the haters. You can totallllllllyyyyy see the difference. it's a good laugh. cute. but dead serious. Every emotion is there just not dipicted as it is now. I'm no Van Gogh but i'm a good street artist and compared to eleven, my pictures are way crazier. Back then they were like doodles. Stick figures and shit. Damn, i wish i could still draw. 

Quick Question: Anyone had talent when they were little that they never really used and it kind of just faded away. Like i believe a talent is never FULLY gone but unless you try day and night it won't be anything more than potiential and "what could have been."

I don't know i just found mad old shit. Mad crazy shit. Irionically Valentines Day Shit. A card from my MOM & MY DAD. WOA! Now for me that's crazy and it was like what in 2005. Everytime i say it's 2009 i can't believe the shit. I don't know what i want. Do i want to be 19. Do i want to be doing this or that. I truley don't know. I just write. I also found out what i got for last Valentine's Day. It was a valentines day/birthday present. It was nice. I totally forgot about it. I've been wondering like WTF did i do last Valentines DAY. My memory is officially toast. It's just cause i'm still not me. I KNEW WHO I WAS. NOW i'm just a writer. That's it. JUST a little old/young writer. CRAZY.

Anyway, i don't know how i feel about anything, really. I believe i'm a socially awkward person and that really screws me up but whatever. I wanted things to go back to the way they were but people say they weren't that good anyway. So what do i want, if what i wanted wasn't great. There were "SO" many issues. And truthfully, shit will never be the same. THUS again The "NEVER CHANGE" song, quote, etc. That will forever be my favorite song. IT was deep man. Chorus especially. It was just a real song. I remember when i wrote it too. In florida. My uncle was like shocked that he actually liked a song that was mine. Something he could work with. if you want to check out the song just go to the myspace
 It's up there. 

Whatever. Got to def. Go to bed before i Spazzz out on myself and officially cry. Don't want that. I hate not sleeping if i haven't made that clear. I don't really know what this blog entry was about, except that it was scattered and free. Like some Jackson Pollack painting. Google the dude if you don't know em. 

~Jam Out~

P.S. I don't want to be the reason you "can't" do something. My place in your life is... well frankly i don't know. But it's what you want to do. What i want to do is music. How it works out? well truthfully i don't know. Possibilities seem to get slimmer and slimmer. But i won't think about it much. Appreciate what we had and recall all the things (crazy, especially) that we did. It's wild how far removed we are since the beginning. Life after high school really made us into different people. I wish i knew where the high school me is. And where "we are" in that sense. Sure it was stupid, sponatious, and outrageous but it's apart of wherever high school me is. Nonetheless. I still care, a lot too. I was going to email you and tell you about the shit i found in those dusty boxes my dad placed in my basement after high school. ALL the shit i found, everything. Things were just so different then. The givingness. Willingness. I don't know. I will email you, just not right now. i'm too tired. I have to stop being angry at everyone though. I know i said i'll try and maybe i am but i need to get rid of it. I don't think it's fully possible though because like i said it's a part of the past which means it's a part of my life. No matter what "me" i'm referring too. 

P.P.S. Working on a "One Chance" Part 2. IT'S GOING TO BE CRAZY HOT. WAY better then the original. In terms of flow, beat, chorus. But words and words. And they are both equally as important. 

P.P.P.S I bought a lava lamp. Anybody see Nora's Infinite Playlist? Bought it but don't know if i'll keep it. 

P.P.P.P.S Couldn't get all 3 videos. But watch em. "U Remind Me" "U Got It Bad" & "U Don't Have to call" In that order.

Damn, my sister's comp can't get the video!!! here's the links.
And fuck it, Ray J's One Wish Video. O.D. Valentine's Day. Next saturday.
"Girl don't tell me what i'm feeling is make believe"

Friday, February 6, 2009

I'm a genius & so is CH

Don't be indifferent, hate me.
Boyfriends want to beat us up, their girls beat us off.
A lot of times i'm overthinking, overspitting, off the top but it goes over when it's written.
They say how you get so fly? it's because i'm not afraid to fall out the sky
My lifestyle needs a lifestyle, fuck the world.
I don't give a fuck, i care.

OH. 18-4 i believe. Holla. I'll write more definitely tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

In my light purple boxers...(from the Gap)

(Looks SOMETHING like that. I'd put an actual picture but tooo tired.)
Now that's my favorite title. Officially. Dead ass i love these boxers. True story, from the gap i believe i got them in boston. Funny story, nah not funny at all really. I've been so tired lately, don't know why but i have been. Falling asleep in class is not cool, but at least i'm there, i guess. Oh shit. I want to do something saturday...grrr. David! Anyway, i met David's manager, mad cool or as they say it "chill" (they = cool people). Make some fire ass beats. If he's dead ass the real deal like i'm dead ass the real deal, we'll make some dead ass timeless real deal, seal the deal on this rap shit, type music. WOA. lmao. Yea i'm about to pass out.
Team record:17-4. We won today. Should have played. Terrible game against a terrible team.

End of story. Period.
OH and i know i've been on some o.d. slacking with the blog but life hasn't thrown me much of anything lately. Just life being life (don't take that).
F.Y.I - Got a new fire ass track. On my man's CH Broolyn Girls beat. 82 plays in 3 days. WOW i'm amazed. AGAIN SHOUT OUT TO THOSE LISTENERS AND SECRET FANS. MORE COMING SOON.

Speaking of coming soon (pause) (wish i was, lol, sorry) Valentine's Day is in like ten days & my birthday s like O.D. close. month and change. I'm a little nervous. 18 i think seriously been the longest, life changing (maybe), traumatic(maybe) year i have every experienced. Seriously, it's been crazy but i'll miss it. I'm just scared thinking of the future now. The present is better but the future i realized is scarier rather than more hopeful. Shout out to the people who made that insecure feeling possible. GRrrr. And as for Valentine's Day, i don't know how i feel about it yet to tell you guys the truth. Like i rather be loved everyday other than Valentine's Day if that was a choice. I don't even recall what i did, if i did, anything last year. I just know i spent like 90 bucks i really didn't have for somebody special. Sephora perfume maybe, rings a bell.

I know i'm all over the place but that's how my brain works. I want to elaborate on the birthday shit but seriously i'm just too tired.

Love yall bloggers for real. So much. And i love you too, blogspot.

(I want a pedicure soooo bad)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Sleepy Sleeperson

Lol. Hey yall. Wish i changed my name to do that. Thank god there's a god and vitamin C or i would be dead right now. lol. I made the email!!! Woohooo. One thing accomplished. Write more later. Just loved the cliche title.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Video Blog Entry

Hey yall...

Charles Hamilton Blind folded Freestyle (Wild!)

Promise to write an actual entry in a little. Love yall.

P.S. Will say two things before the edit. I have about 10 followers so i should have ten opinions on my email... so PLEASE choose one. And second, Cardinals should of won. A little mad.

50Pages to go to finish my work for tomorrow. Holy Shit