Saturday, February 7, 2015

The Return!

This is my first entry in over a year and a half... So before I make some long winded entries I just want to say, I'M BACK! I'm still the same me at the core of it all: The dream chaser, looking to reach heights I never knew possible, as well as the ambitious, manic, goal oriented, emotional writer too. But I've grown up quite a bit and have lost some things, some people, parts of my brain, my liver, my focus, and my heart. However, as life goes on so do the needs and wants and the best way I've known to express those desires is to WRITE and CREATE.

I look forward to re-starting my journey with you, world, and gaining back relationships I neglected while starting new ones and rediscovering myself. Above, is one of the last tracks I recorded in 2014 and for my mixtape. It's very angelic and Hip-Hop. It's a return to true form. It's the return of the Jam...