Wednesday, July 28, 2010

the start of the beginning

Hey yall,
This will be a quick entry because I'm tired and at dinner in florida. Just arrived not too long ago. I was kind of depreseed or should I say I am a bit depressed because the time has in new york with no immediate/full siblings. The cute little misreable sisters I've known most of my life. I remember when I use to make up stories to my sister ashley and she would believe it. And then when I started to like ashley we tagged team on victoria who annoyed us. One time we tied her to the chair, well taped her to the chair. Good times (laughs to self). Well those are kind of over or should I say limited. Now they're going to live a different life then I ever did...and I may never understand. But I still know what's it's like to be a teen and how hard it is to be a brother but I guess as they move on...I have to too. But I will miss them dearly. Also, just for the record my mom's new bf, not that attractive (no homo)but pretty cool. Less uncomfortable then the last one BUT I still am cautious cause she's my mom...which makes me protective. I'm the only man that has been consistant in her life...kinda.

Anyway, will keep u updated. Gotta run and go back on a diet...tomorrow :)

Jam on it

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Room For Improvement

What's good yall? I'ma just do a quick entry, cbecause I really got a lot to say BUT I'm just extrememly tired and about to eat and watch some tv then its off to bed. (Side note: I miss my baby lol) yall don't know here and won't. maybe because she doesn't exist or maybe she does...I guess that's for me to know. :) anywho, my life is improving. I am no longer as depressed as I have been about a job. ONCE I come back from florida, I'm getting one AT SCHOOL. I've been getting G'd because they hired like 7 new people when I filled out 2 applications. Best believe I'm TIGHT. Lmao. I am but sooo much positivity that I don't care for the negative.

FYI I've surrounded myself with good people, great people I should really say. Things are coming along. Weights down, self-esteem up, I just gotta work even harderrrrrrr than I am. OH and there will be a mixtape but not what you expected. It's gunna be a duo-mixtape out before august...jam young is back yall and it feels fucking exuberant (or however u spell it). No title, no offical group name, but songs are being made and THATS most improtant. Feel me?
And since I'm talking about good people shouts to (in no particular order) julian, farah, carrie, danny, jeremy, johnny f, killa, steve, rob, matt, chris, eddie, vic, and anybody else I forgot I'm sorry BUT know I see u.

Ugh, my stomach hurts.oh well. Grind on. Speaking of grind, shouts to audrey, julian, andddddd alexis. Good job with the blogging and everything else you guys do. Now, I'm gunna post an asher roth song called "grind" the song is beyond dope. Like it's very kanye esque and he killllssssss it. Also, back to the music tip I got a few more possible collaborations in the works so just pray it happends and gets done. I got music for days man. For real. I'll post a track reallllll soon. That's a promise. Another thing I'm working on is being better with everything, from timeliness to just progressing as a human being.

Anyway, I'm about to bounce. Just keep looking for me yall cause on the real, I'm tired of wanting things. Its time to start to being.

Jam on it!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Adventures of My Life...The Overview

Hey wassup yall, I do realize this is late but I just felt the need to really just discuss what has happend in recent weeks. Pretty amazing and productive stuff. I haven't heard anything from jobs, just lies and no interviews. It's hard out here but then again I haven't really been trying much.
These are some other things that have gone on:
I went to virgina
My heart has been torn (not necessarily in a negative way but between 3 things, experience, the woman I love, and the woman who maybe, slowly stealing my heart without knowing it..wild stuff)
A friend of mine just turned 21
Another friend went to the poorest country on this side of the world
I have spent countless days not excersing, hanging out, doing the regular push-up/crunch routine, staying in (a little), spending my time with two girls, and I forget what else.
I tried a cookie monster
Went to the pool...twice (gasp)
Been to the studio :) (recorded 5 new records)
Went to a club
Went to a house party or two
Went to a couple bbq
I also been trying to write, re-focus, play ball andddd save money (finally).

Today, my ipod just got wiped out (fuck life) and I'm going to create a simple t-shirt to along with the music I'll be creating. I'm trying to read at least 3 books this summer, I'm almost done with the first one.

I'm sorry for the randomness/not making sense of this was to get something off my chest but that won't be happening because instead I'm going to get ready for a productive day tomorrow (and re-doing my resume (hopefully) again). I just wanna say I wish, I could experience (kinda) and have the girl of my dreams but life doesn't work that way. I also wish I could stop being a pussy...grrrr. Muscially/ball wise and socially. I'm a fun person...I think?? Its alright. Just loving life or trying to focus on a life that I will ABSOLUTELY love.

Jam on it!