Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Jam Young- Jazzy Shit (Higher) Official Music Video

I can't believe it's been almost a year since my last post and my last video. My oh my how life has changed... mostly for the better. For a prime example of this check the video above. It's amazing how god and the higher powers can change your life when you start listening and doing. For so long I've had so many insecurities about music, making it-sharing it (I still do but not as much) and I allowed that to hold me back but not anymore. The video above is a representation of things and ambitions I have always done right and those I haven't. Jazzy Shit (Higher) is one of my oldest songs but it has something, a feel or maybe the lyrics, that I love and which people gravitate towards. I think I wrote the song over 4 years ago but thanks to Alex (who mixed the tape) and some decent old vocals (thanks Ed) the track still sounds fresh. But the video is way fresher. I shot this in chicago with 9 of my closest and dearest friends and it was so much fun. An hour of fun. This is how music videos and music is supposed to make you feel...like you want to have fun. So I hope you enjoy.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Q.U.E.S.T.- Philosophical Wisdom Feat. Wes Studii & Booga Brown

Back in April, a good friend of mine, Q.U.E.S.T. dropped this really dope mixtape entitled "A Vibe Called Q.U.E.S.T." and slightly before that he dropped the single above. The beat hit so hard you might go "ooooo" when you hear it. "Philosophical Wisdom" is actually Q.U.E.S.T.'s first solo video and it's a pretty clever concept. For those whom already know Q.U.E.S.T. you know he's a lyrical monster and with the backing of his step brother/dope MC/ Producer, Speak No Evil, Q.U.E.S.T.'s powers can only be heightened. Check this out and if you enjoy it go to Quest.HipHop to download the mixtape, which of course, you know Jam Young is on. ENJOY.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Jam Young- Go For Mine Featuring JS1N (Official Video)

"Go For Yours, Like I'm Going For Mine."

After a few months of edits and elongated conversations, "Go For Mine" is officially here. The video above shot in Downtown Houston and in Kartier's (who directed and edited this) Studio. The Video is simple but keeps the roots of Boom Bap and 90's culture alive with tons of graffiti works and gritty settings. The video is also fun and was a great time during the shoot. This song is the only song on "King's Poet" where you can't find the instrumental because I have it.

Funny story actually. Hannibal hit me up after I dropped the "Child of the Blues" Video in February 2013 and said he wanted to work with me (finally). He sent a handful of dopeness but this instrumental made me feel much different. I wrote both verses about a week after purchasing the beat BUT then I lost both verses and managed to remember about half of the first one (which is actually the third verse in the above final version). Since then I haven't received a fresh beat from the man but hopefully I do in the near future. (I.E. "For four years I wanted to work with Hannibal..." - King's Poet)

To add on to that, I wanted Bubbah Styles to be on this song with me. I hit him up and he said he would get back to me (as most rappers say) but no word. Like I said before we must march on, so I thought of a dope lyrical rapper who I had not done a song with yet and JS1N came to mind. I knew him since I was about 18, when he lived in Jersey City. About a week or two later, I heard his verse and I loved it. It certified the song and it allowed me to go to Houston to shoot the video, when about a year after we recorded the song we decided to check out SXSW.

This is probably top 3 lyrical songs on the mixtape and one of the few features so I hope you guys enjoy.

Jam Young- King's Poet (Official Video)

On January 27, 2015 I dropped my first official mixtape entitled "The King's Poet." The mixtape was an embodiment of everything I went through from 2010-2014. 17 Tracks, with 4 bonus songs. I spent almost a thousand on mixing it down and though most of the songs I never re-recorded I thought and still find it to be an awesome start to my Hip-Hop Discography.

The first track, the title track "King's Poet," which the instrumental can be found on Hannibal King's "Lifestyles of the Fat and Shameless" was and still is one of my favorite tracks on the CD and of all time. I wrote the track crying in the kitchen of my grandmother's living room. It's fierce, it's bloody, and it's real...aggressive. This video I hope reflects those emotions and thanks to the greatness of AK (Aaron Katter) Films, my first video off the project has come to life.


Saturday, April 4, 2015

SCRiBE The Verbalist - White World [Prod. Manny Sachem]

As a long time fan of SCRIBE, I remember the day we first met at Yippies Open Mic (RIP) and how unique his style was. Time has only made SCRIBE's style grow even greater. So if you get a moment please check out his latest video, "White World," and if you need a reason, here's one: "You ain't flawed like me."

Jak Skelly "Bitch" Live Feat. Rah Rah Mateo & Jam Young

During Jam Young's more quiet year of music, 2014, he still was able to go travel to Rhode Island with Jak Skelly, Rah Rah Mateo, Misha Merino (who shot the video above) and the rest of Music ENT. The Video above was Jak Skelly's last single "Bitch" and the final song of his showcase set. Through Ms. Merino's black and white visuals we see the chemistry between the three artists on stage and it makes for one hell of a performance.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

The Return!

This is my first entry in over a year and a half... So before I make some long winded entries I just want to say, I'M BACK! I'm still the same me at the core of it all: The dream chaser, looking to reach heights I never knew possible, as well as the ambitious, manic, goal oriented, emotional writer too. But I've grown up quite a bit and have lost some things, some people, parts of my brain, my liver, my focus, and my heart. However, as life goes on so do the needs and wants and the best way I've known to express those desires is to WRITE and CREATE.

I look forward to re-starting my journey with you, world, and gaining back relationships I neglected while starting new ones and rediscovering myself. Above, is one of the last tracks I recorded in 2014 and for my mixtape. It's very angelic and Hip-Hop. It's a return to true form. It's the return of the Jam...

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Jak Skelly feat. Jam Young- Here We Go Again (Music Video)

After much delay the new video from Jak Skelly and Jam Young is officially here. The single released back in March, produced by world famous DJ Puerto Roc, will be featured on Jak Skelly's new mix tape set to drop next year entitled "Respect The Mecca Vol. 1" The song can be downloaded on sound cloud and audiomac.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Jam Young- Life On The Line Freestyle

Jam Young while on the set of his Mr. Dreamchaser video shoot takes time to drop a quick freestyle for the public. MP3 coming soon. Shot by Benjamin Potter.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Jam Young- Another One (Summertime 2013)

Jam Young releases "Another One" (Summertime 2013) in hopes to end the summer on a high note. The record is produced by Hannibal King and the beat can actually be found on his second beat tape release, Villians Gone Bad II. I hope y'all relax to this smooth and easy-going joint.