Sunday, October 31, 2010

Don't Laugh

but this is pretty interesting. Sometimes bad music, stupid people, but internet savy people make money...aka Soulja Boy

Quick Fix

Hey y'all,

I'm typing from my iPod touch for the first time and it's kinda weird but itsallgoodevenwhenitaint, pun intended. Well I'm just really exhausted spent the whole day in D.C. yesterday. We left at 3 in the morning and I felt horrible most of the time but it was a good experience. The rally was pretty dope although I wish I could have enjoyed it more. It was the first school trip I ever went on, in college besides basketball. Speaking of basketball we are two weeks in and I need to step it up. As usual I've been feeling kind of down but I think this week will look up for sure. I just really need sleep.

By the way happy Halloween everyone and happy early birthday to my first little sister Ashley. I hope everything is well with you little sis, I miss u a lot and can't wait till we reunite on thanksgiving weekend.

Back to sports though, cross country just ended today. I ties my best running score of the year and I'm really proud of that regardless of what place I came in. I just wanted to be happy and be positive and let that transition into basketball which is probably one of the hardest mental humps I've ever encountered but I'm ready to overcome it, for real... I'm tired of looking for inspiration this year it has to come from within and it will. God has a plan for me but the same time I need to have a plan for myself... Last thing I'd like to mention is that I will be writing for my school newspaper and all articles, published or not, will be posted on the blog.

Love y'all. We only got one life and we need to live it right.
jam on it!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I Just Want To State...

that linkin park is dope. I will confess that after hybrid theory i stop like really listening to them but i am back. I bought their new album "Thousand Sons" something like that. It's pretty good i must say off the first listen. I like showing my non-hip-hop side off. I would love to see them in concert, would be reallllyyy dope. So as a bonus...
Jason Mraz ft. Cobe Calliat "Lucky"

This song is dedicated to my best friend. I know she went to bed upset because i was a dick and really there was no reason for us to argue over a stupid phone call. Well, i'm sorry for not calling and next time i will call even if just for a second.
Love you.

Also, just so yall know. Last 2 days, i've done really well and well. Let's hope tomorrow i'll progress :)

Dreams are meant to be realized...

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Eminem

Happy Birthday Em. I know my blog is starting to look like the Eminem Show or the Stan show (no pun intended) :) but he really is the greatest. Above is a glimpse of his greatness in 1999 and i sort of remade this song in my own way on this guy hannibal's beat. I might add a fourth verse and someother shit to it, we'll see. Anywho... just wanted to update you guys. My grandfather's leaving tuesday to go back to Ecuador, kinda sad. 4weeks go by quick, i tell you that much. It's just hard because a lot of people, rather most people in my life just kind of up and leave. But i know he'll come back and i'll definitely try and call him at least 3 times more than i do now (which is zero). Sad, again, i know, trust me.

On some good news though, i finally hung out with my uncle mike and i think i impressed the founder and studio owner of skylab ent., Los. Cool guy. Hispanic. Just started rapping. He liked my songs and i always feel weird having these guys who don't know my music...listen to it, ya know. Anyway, when i go back there i'm going to start recording my project that ill release through SkyLab Ent. I also have to finish my dual mixtape which is with Cloud 9/Honor Roll. THEN i'm going to try to do 2 other projects one solely produced by Hannibal and DJ Puerto Roc. Maybe i'll mixed it. Idk if i can have just ONE producer but we'll see. I bought like 6 beats off of Roc and i have yet to really conquer them but i do want to record something with him in jersey within the next month so i gotta get a move on but i can't rush greatness or my talent.

On a side note, incompetant, idiotic people are annoying. LMAO. Will not go in depth about it but whatever. BY THE WAY, I'm still obsessed over the SOCIAL NETWORK and want to see it again...anyone who wants to go, well, just contact me. I want to read and see the movie "waiting for superman" as well looks type dope. OHHH and just to bring Eminem back for a second, i'm doing a paper on him for one of my classes... like how ill is that?!?!?!?! I know and once i finish it i'm going to try and get it published somewhere...the makings of a young writer, Jonathan Andrew (separate from Jam Young).

LAST THING, Basketball starts tomorrow. A little nervous BUT not dwelling... THIS IS MY TIME. I know it and so i gotta take advantage of it. I have people believing in me and wanting this for me and NOW it's time for me to believe in myself. Everything else will come together after that. So let's make it happen jay. Tomorrow is the beginning of finding success, AGAIN. OH, on a funny note i through up today during my race but ended up 5th for the first time for my team BUT i let a certain somebody smoke me again. COME championship THIS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTABLE. SO i will get him back.

Jam on it People...
everything is coming (like lebron's ring)

Monday, October 11, 2010


Above is the Eminem interview on 60minutes. Really dope. Check it out, whether you're a fan or not.

Right now i am getting frustrated because i am doing nothing and have been up since 10. I'm watching "Overnight Delivery" with Paul Rudd and Reese Weatherspoon. Pretty funny. I just want/need to d something productive. Killing me. BUT just so you know this weekend has been pretty progressive. I miss my friends though and some other people/person. I chilled with the homie DJ Puertoroc, who is honestly one of the coolest people i've met that deals with the industry and hooked me up with the things i love, mainly beats and learning...i gotta do his beats justice.

Go check out his website: i'm sure in due time i may make my way onto his site. That would be an accomplishment. Also check out in the coming days, i will be featured on the site (hopefully) with some new music you guys can check out. The website is currently undergoing changes so excuse the grammatical errors and any malfunctions.

Alright gotta go... 10page paper weighing over my head...yay

Jam on it

Friday, October 8, 2010

Don't Call it a Comeback

I've always been here just in the preferial sense. Anyway, I wanted to publish another entry. Today is gorgeousssssssssssssssssssss...really. It's phenemonal outside. I really hope that the studio session that I have today is FIRE but not too long. I would really like to enjoy this day.

Anyway, ironically when I start blogging again the drama comes in my life again. I'm not going to touch on it though because honestly, positivity is the policy...ya dig! I was furious last night because I was supposeto be in L.I., chillen, vibin to music, with my uncle who's trapped in the depths of Long Island. I missed the train by a minute. ShÍt sucked but it was a blessing in disguise. Chilled with my boy danny and then got decent sleep, just kept being interrupted but hey I got time to rest...I just have to deal with the pressures of school. 10page paper due this thursday. Yea. Exactly. Shit sucks. So I gotta get focused! Lots of research.

I'm sure the above, was written very awkwardly and I apologize for that. I'm just dazed out. But today and this weekend will be great! Let's get it

Jam on it 4 the 4 day weekend

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Please check that out BEFORE reading this. I just have to put my two sense in. IDK who this guy is, honestly but he has a few good points. Professionalism, memorization, stage performance, marketing, etc but i feel like there's no umph and the part about "extraordinary talent" pisses me off BECAUSE not everybody is extraordinary talent, especially signed acts. There is a lot of trash out there. It could've been written better too...the music industry isn't just "Hard" it is hard to get into, cold, and you have to have everything pre-pared to sign to a MAJOR label. I feel like he gives the tools and idea for people but doesn't really inspire or help them. It's just kind of a statement and i feel like when you say "10 reasons why most indie recording artist fail" you have to give them hope...sure music isn't for everybody but still.

Also check this video out,

Show TuFli Ft. Vado - The Block (Official Video) from Bam Gates on Vimeo.

This is Vado (3rd verse), who is associated to Cam'ron and the Diplomats. He's a beast and i think represents NY and Harlem in a good light. He has my freshmen 2011 vote. Show TuFli, who's song this MY AGE and doing big things. Works with a lot of great people, that i would love to work with, and i actually have a song i will be submitting to him that he hopefully gets on for one of my 4 projects. Check out his "Iamanartistandimsensitiveaboutmyshit" mixtape and Vado's upcoming mixtape/album: "Slime Flu"

Jonathan Andrew EP
Untitled Mixtape (not the title, lol)
Untouchable Superhero
and my duo mixtape: Honor Roll (group name)- Freshmen Orientation (this will come out first)

I've been writing and editing a lot. Super excited.
NEED to get this Freshmen Orientation mixtape done. 2 more sessions of NEW music. Then tracklist. I still say FBA will be the first song released, NOT the single though. I think the single will be Hellbound...

We'll see though. Got work to do. Just was really bothered with the article although it caught my attention and was interesting. 2 entries in 2 days WOOO! holla

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

It's Crazyyyy

It's October already!?!?!? Meaning winter, basketball, Superbowl, finals, essays, and a bunch of holidays are on the horizon. I'm SO glad that we have off this Monday. An extra day is just what is needed, like seriously (valley girl voice).

By the way, shame on me! For not writing or doing ANYTHING at all. Shit has been hectic and insane and honestly i am NOT as attached to blogging as i use to be...probably because entries on mine are usually long, thought out well, and i like to be spontaneous and short. SO if you don't know already

Will be updating the blog visually and adding a mailing list hopefully! Yes i know. Should be dope. Which means whoever is on the mailing list will get EXCLUSIVE freewrites from me, sporadically. I just figure why not give the world freestyle BUT to the group that wants them. It'll be like having Christmas at least once a month. haha. ;)

Anyway, I'm formatting this entry like a poem since i have to write one and am procrastinating. Here's some interesting news though: This past Sunday (2/3days ago) i recorded my best time EVER in cross country. It was in the 35 range. My coach said 35:05, Lehman college, who held the race, said 35:43. Either way it's a minute improvement and still the best. This week i will strive for under 35:05... somewhere like 34:45. i know i can do it. So i gotta make it happen.

Other stuff, is that I'm actually LEARNING in class (oooooo (little alien from toy story voice)) so it should be really cool. ALSO, i might start writing for my school newspaper and if i do, all those published and maybe even the non published ones will be posted on this site. I'm also going to release the "Deuces Remix" called FBA (Fuck Bitches Anthem) lol which I'm going to have Julian do the artwork (he's an artist, photographer, entrepreneur, and an old good friend) and shoot the video sometime in the next month, cross fingers.

In addition, i will probably be going to the studio this week (thank god!) maybe Friday and Monday. Depends really. My father's birthday is tomorrow. and basketball starts OCT. 18 yikes! I'm ready though. NO MORE PUSSY SHIT, MARTINEZ. GOT IT? Good.

Well that's it. Going to post the new Eminem video, my friends link to their new (not well organized but alright mixtape), and i WILL be featured in another not well grammered/set-up website called FREEZYENT.COM once i had in some songs and bios.

HONOR ROLL! Freshmen Orientation! Coming Soon

Good songs: " Who We Are," "Big Boss B.I.," "Go Haters," and "Hip-Hop."
Eminem ft. Lil Wayne- No Love (3rd Recovery single)