Monday, July 6, 2015

Jam Young- King's Poet (Official Video)

On January 27, 2015 I dropped my first official mixtape entitled "The King's Poet." The mixtape was an embodiment of everything I went through from 2010-2014. 17 Tracks, with 4 bonus songs. I spent almost a thousand on mixing it down and though most of the songs I never re-recorded I thought and still find it to be an awesome start to my Hip-Hop Discography.

The first track, the title track "King's Poet," which the instrumental can be found on Hannibal King's "Lifestyles of the Fat and Shameless" was and still is one of my favorite tracks on the CD and of all time. I wrote the track crying in the kitchen of my grandmother's living room. It's fierce, it's bloody, and it's real...aggressive. This video I hope reflects those emotions and thanks to the greatness of AK (Aaron Katter) Films, my first video off the project has come to life.


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