Monday, July 6, 2015

Jam Young- Go For Mine Featuring JS1N (Official Video)

"Go For Yours, Like I'm Going For Mine."

After a few months of edits and elongated conversations, "Go For Mine" is officially here. The video above shot in Downtown Houston and in Kartier's (who directed and edited this) Studio. The Video is simple but keeps the roots of Boom Bap and 90's culture alive with tons of graffiti works and gritty settings. The video is also fun and was a great time during the shoot. This song is the only song on "King's Poet" where you can't find the instrumental because I have it.

Funny story actually. Hannibal hit me up after I dropped the "Child of the Blues" Video in February 2013 and said he wanted to work with me (finally). He sent a handful of dopeness but this instrumental made me feel much different. I wrote both verses about a week after purchasing the beat BUT then I lost both verses and managed to remember about half of the first one (which is actually the third verse in the above final version). Since then I haven't received a fresh beat from the man but hopefully I do in the near future. (I.E. "For four years I wanted to work with Hannibal..." - King's Poet)

To add on to that, I wanted Bubbah Styles to be on this song with me. I hit him up and he said he would get back to me (as most rappers say) but no word. Like I said before we must march on, so I thought of a dope lyrical rapper who I had not done a song with yet and JS1N came to mind. I knew him since I was about 18, when he lived in Jersey City. About a week or two later, I heard his verse and I loved it. It certified the song and it allowed me to go to Houston to shoot the video, when about a year after we recorded the song we decided to check out SXSW.

This is probably top 3 lyrical songs on the mixtape and one of the few features so I hope you guys enjoy.

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